Use Twitter to Promote Your Products and Services!

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Many business owners are now capitalizing on Twitter‘s popularity
to market their business. Twittering is very addictive and it’s no
wonder why millions of people send out tweets all day long. And with
a little focused tweeting, anyone can add to the bottom line, gain new customersand, and generate more sales.

The tweets are merely 140 characters and it is also called
micro-blogging. With only a few characters, you will need to answer
the Twitter question just like other users of the social site. Just
keep in mind that if you set your perspectives straight and use the
site properly, you can financially and personally gain something
from the proper use of Twitter.

To implement Twitter as a marketing tool here are some tips to
accomplish this:

1. Twitter Search is a very effective tool that allows you to
check on your business. You will be surprised to find out how much
chattering takes place in Twitter. Find out what others are saying
about your business or industry and learn from them. If you find out any
criticisms, think about them carefully. You can also make some
adjustments to your business if there is a need to so that you
ensure profitability.

2. Keep your followers informed. Once you sign up for your Twitter
account, you should be active in sending out tweets to all your
followers. Choose the people you follow on Twitter. If this is your
first time to use Twitter as a marketing tool, you should follow
the right people. Choose the ones who are also utilizing Twitter
for online marketing because you can learn a lot from them.

You should also check if the people you’re following are also
following back. Once you have many followers, you can now send
marketing messages but try to do this minimally; instead, send out
more helpful community and social messages. Remember, Twitter is a
social network and not a promotional machine.

You can also let your followers know about your promotions through
the tweets. Again, don’t overdo it. There is always a proper way to
do things. Now that you have lots of followers, you should not
alienate them. With just one bad tweet, you can lose many of your

Remember! First of all provide quality content and tweets about your
personal activities; and post your promotional tweets at a lesser frequency.
See my example at .

3. Gathering as many followers as you can is vital to ensure your
success in online marketing. Check your numbers regularly. When
you’ve followed 2,000 people and you have less than 1,800
followers, you can no longer follow more people. By checking your
numbers, you can avoid technical problems like this one.

One of the easiest ways to gain targetted followers is to use the People Search function of Twitter. For example, if your business is selling gardening supplies, you’d put in the search box the word “gardening” and that will pull up all the profiles that contain the word gardening. Experience with different words that you’d expect your pottential customers to use in their profiles.

Once you find individuals who you believe would make great customers, follow them – most of them will follow you in return.

You can also use the search feature of Twitter Search to find people who talk about your area of interst and follow them.

Both of these methods can help you build a large following, but are rather time consuming. To increase your followers substantially, more time-effectively, use a service such as; and where you can set up the system to find conversations on your topic of interest and automatically follow the individuals who are invloved in those conversations (again, it is a safe assumtion that most of the people who you’ll follow will follow you back).

4. When someone follows you, take care of that person by sending
out re-tweets of their tweets if their material is similar to the
niche you are focusing on. By befriending your followers, you can
build stronger relationships. A relationship built on trust is very
important for your marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that it’s harder
market your products or services to people you don’t know on

If you post impersonal tweets, you can’t gain loyal followers. Try
to build good relationships first before you send out promotional
tweets. If you aren’t interested in sending out personal tweets
then make sure your profile makes this clear.

Capitalizing on Twitter’s popularity can be rewarding but only if
you know what you’re doing. Learn everything you can about the
social network. Follow gurus ( ) and learn from their experience. If
you keep yourself well-informed, you can succeed in online
marketing through Twitter.

Many businesspersons are now utilizing social networks because they
think that it is an effective platform for promoting their services or proucts. If you plan
to use Twitter, keep in mind the above suggestions and have fun with it.
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I promisse, I’ll follow you back 🙂 (unless you are promoting porn sites or other
“strange” stuff)
To your social networking success!