How to Use "Failures" as Stepping Stones to Success

How to Use Failures as Stepping-Stones to Success, by E.G. SebastianIs failure Stopping you, or Motivating you to Try Harder?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guarantee that whatever we try, we’d also succeed in… but the fact of life is that we often try, try, try, and keep failing, and many of us give up after the first failure… or after the 15th or 99th failure, often only “inches” away from succeeding.

What is failure? Failure is nothing but an EXPERIENCE labeled as such (“failure) – Failure is nothing more than a learning tool that showed us that “this might not be the right move/direction and that we need to try a different approach…”   Of course, it’s not enough to stand up and try again – after all, the fly that tries to get through the window never gives up, yet still dies and dries out on the window sill – it’s important to STAND UP and try it the “right way.” HOW? SIMPLE! — ASK!

These days you can find about any information online – step-by-step info through videos, how-to type articles, talk shows, free webinars, support groups (, for example or groups and Fan pages), etc.; and often you can find someone in your own community, or someone who you met online, who will share with you how to succeed in the area you are pursuing, often at no cost or at low-cost.

I don’t believe in failure – it’s almost like the tooth fairy to me.  People talk about it, but it’s not real.  Failure is nothing more than a step towards my goal – a step that shows me that I need to change my approach – an experience that makes me wiser.  The more I fail the wiser I get, and the closer to my goals I get.

So… do you allow failure to stop you?  Or… do you use it as a stepping stone?

I encourage you to embrace failure and learn from it… build on it… use it to grow…

Check out this video and get inspired – see how some of the greatest names in history have failed, yet they triumphed.  Then let me know what you think, in the comments section below…