Updated Press Release Sites

My friend, Phil Davies, from www.bigNews.biz has updated his Press Release list.  Here it is:

Last list Update 3-29-10

First off, yes I do design and sell Web sites that distribute press releases online. I also use free press release distribution sites for my PR clients, so I’ve seen both sides of the online PR distribution business.

Based on this experience, I have a bit of a bias about what I am looking for in a press release distribution service. The number of Web sites in this space seems to change from day to day. Sites disappear, change policies and appear daily. So this list needs to be just as dynamic.

Before you post a complaint that I’m missing a site, keep in mind that this list is a work in progress. It had to start somewhere so consider this a first draft. PLEASE don’t hesitate to submit a site for consideration. We’ll probably include it, as long as your submission fits the 4 criteria outlined below.

There are quite a few free PR distribution sites on the Web. Many of them are not worth the time it takes you to submit a release. However, there are some that are quite good. Following are the 5 criteria that I used to create this list of the top free press release distribution sites.

1. Page Rank – What is the Google page rank of the site? I’m only listing free PR sites that have a page rank of 4 or higher. To determine the page rank of a site,

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
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2. Google News – Are most of the press releases that are published by the site picked up by Google news? To find out if a PR distribution site is getting their content indexed by Google news, go to Google News and do a search for “site:sitename.com”. This will show all of the stories by that site that have been indexed by Google News. As an example, a search for all press releases for the free PR site BigNews.biz, would look like this “site:BigNews.biz

3. Traffic – Does the free press release site get any traffic? For this list we used Alexa.com to check traffic. You will have to set your own standard for what you feel is acceptable. For this list, I’m using any site that is ranked above or around 50,000 by Alexa.

4. Cost – For this list we are looking for sites that are primarily free. However, they may offer additional premium services for a fee.

5. Rejection – We found that some sites seem to reject or delay posting a release even though all of their rules have been followed. If a site accepts valid submissions but never posts them, we are going to remove it from our list.

Keeping in mind the 5 points listed above, here is my list. Feel free to send me additional suggestions, but they must fit the 5 criteria listed above. The order listed here is loosely based on the sites Alexa rank and can change from day to day.

Note: All of the following site statistics are updated daily and all of these sites feed their content to Google news.

1. PRLog.orgFree Page Rank ToolAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.prlog.org

2. PR-Inside.comFree PageRank CheckerAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.PR-Inside.com

3. BigNews.bizPage Rank CheckAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.BigNews.Biz

4. Onlineprnews.comPageRankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.Onlineprnews.com

5. 24-7pressrelease.comPageRankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.24-7pressrelease.com

6. ClickPress.comPageRankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.clickpress.com

7. PR-USA.netPage Rank CheckAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.PR-USA.net

8. OpenPR.comPage Rank CheckAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.OpenPR.com

9. PowerHomeBiz.comCheck Google Page RankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.PowerHomeBiz.com

10. NewsWireToday.comPageRankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.NewsWireToday.com

11. SBWire.comFree Page Rank ToolAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.SBWire.com

12. free-press-release-center.infoCheck Google Page RankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.free-press-release-center.info

13. Live-PR.comCheck Google Page RankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.Live-PR.com

14. TheOpenPress.comPage RankAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.TheOpenPress.com

15. USPRWire.comFree Page Rank ToolAlexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.USPRWire.com

Again, this list is a work in progress. So if you have suggestions for sites to include, please forward them to phil(at)BigNews.biz.

On 3-29-10 I added Live-PR.com to the list

On 3-1-10 I removed two sites from the list. The first was PR.com because almost all of the recently submitted releases to that site had been rejected. This was a good sites to get listed in because it had a Google pagerank of 6. The second was Marinews.com another good site with a pagerank of 6 but they have been very inconsistent in when they post releases and they appear to be rather heavy handed in editing releases as well. I’m still listing them here, because your experience might be different from mine.


(make sure to visit his site for more PR ideas, at www.BigNews.biz)