Twitter Crash Course for Service Professionals: Coaches, Consultants, Speakers… – Part 1

Twitter Crash Course for Service Professionals: Coaches, Consultants, Speakers… – Part 1

Tweet Your Way to More Clients

Tweet Your Way to More Clients, by E.G. SebastianSocial media is unquestionably one of the most effective ways to get your message in front of 1000s or even 100,000s
of prospects. When properly used, it can help you attract more clients month after month… Like it or not, Twitter is a powerful media, and you must have a

Twitter presence or else you miss out on a great tool that can

help you get your message out to a crowd that’s Twitter addicted;

and it’s pretty easy to be present and active, as most Twitter activities these days can be automaated.
If Twitter is not your cup of tea (as is not mine at all), you can still have a major presence there, reaching thousands of prospects, without spending any time on it at all. I know some Twitter adepts will throw some rocks (and rotten eggs, tomatoes, etc.) for saying this; but, in my case, I only have automated tweets going up for my upcoming events, special offers, videos that I post, blog posts that I post, etc. At times, there can be weeks or even month without me visiting at all; yet I have 3000+ followers, I have people who regularly reTweet my tweets, and I’m contacted through twitter regularly (get leads through twitter). You’ll also notice that I have 4000+ tweets, most of which I tweeted without ever going onto the twitter site (most were tweeted automatically – each of my blog post, new video, etc. gets tweeted about on autopilot). In the next few days I will teach you some powerful strategies that will help you learn the ins and outs of using Twitter as an essential part for your Client-Attraction & Marketing Strategy. How to generate a large number of targeted following and how to transform them into paying clients….

In this first lesson let’s start with picking a username – that is, if you don’t already have one. Make it short and meaningful. Instead of chalkboy67, pick something that describers your business, such as “YourLifeCoach” or “ProductivityCoach,” etc. Or use your name (I have several twitter accounts – my main one has my name as my username:

Let’s jump into it and let’s talk a little about how you can start building a large network of targeted prospects, clients, future joint venture partners, and customers using the social networking website Twitter. Many new users of Twitter are constantly asking how they can use the site more effectively for their business; and since the site has grown into an Internet mega monster that is globally known and talked about, they are right to ask. The fact is, Twitter is a fantastic tool that businesses of all sizes use for their advantage, including small mom-and-pos stores, hot-dog stand owners, coaches, consultants… all the way to all of the corporations out there. So… don’t get left behind! Learn to use it effectively and integrate it into your marketing mix. If you are new to Twitter you may not realize that, when done right, you can create your personal or business brand and virtually “date” your market, simply by building a list of targeted followers AND provide them with solutions and information they are actively seeking.

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can you achieve this. Once you’ve set up your Twitter account you will want to work on your profile. This way you can quickly customize the look and feel of your page. If you want to create a fancy background that matches your website and blog, hop over to and have someone design it for you – yes, you guessed it, for $5.00. You will want to pay close attention to your one-line bio, because this is what people will read before they decide whether or not they want to follow you. You will only have 160 characters to describe who you are and what you do, so you have to make it better than good! Instead of just saying “Life Coach,” “Public Speaker,” “Business Consultant,” etc., give a more descriptive visual to anyone viewing your profile; such as “Life Coach – Your Partner to a More Productive Life”; or “Public Speaker – Let’s Make Your Next Event a Smashing Success”; or “Business Consultant – Let Me Put Your Business’ Marketing on Steroids.” Try to be as specific as possible within your one-line bio regarding what you do, AND use the main keywords in it that your ideal prospects would look for. For example, if you are a coach who focuses primarily in helping clients become more productive, make sure the word “productive” and/or “productivity” are part of your one-line bio.

Do a search on Twitter to see what other colleagues of yours call themselves, and get inspired by the more successful ones (the ones who have thousands or tens of thousands of followers). The next thing you will want to do is get ‘followers’. If you have business contacts that are already using Twitter, invite them to follow you. Put link’s in your email signature, for example:

E.G. Sebastian
Author, Speaker, Coach
Client-Attraction Strategist
Follow me on Twitter @
… on FaceBook @
… on LinkedIn @

Put a call to action on your websites and blogs

asking people to follow you. And as importantly, make sure to use social media plugins that will allow visitors to your website or blog to follow you with one-click. In WordPress, simply go to your dashboard, then click on Plugins / Add New Plugin / then type in “social media icon” or type “AddToAny” in the search box (I use Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny; and so do around 10 million other bloggers – can’t go wrong with that J . To put a Twiter (and other social media buttons) on your website, you can use a free service such as Also, make sure to put your Twitter url on your business card, and all other marketing materials so that you can gather followers offline as well.

Don’t be shy tell everyone you come in contact with about your Twitter page. Make it sound exciting and let them know that you will be sharing important updates, great tips and information with them if they follow you. You may be surprised to find out that almost everyone will click the follow button just to see what you’re up too! Let’s explore some of the simplest ways to get followers… The easiest way to gain your first 2000 followers is to search for your ideal clients and follow them. For example, if you primarily serve managers, you’d search for the keyword “manager.” Take a look at the results and follow all the individuals who seem like real people (some profiles will have no pictures and no followers; or will be some organization that serves managers – do NOT follow those).
To get a hang of it, and learn how to use your twitter account, seek out and follow the ‘gurus’ and the powerful users of Twitter and model what they do. This will benefit you in more than one way. It will give you a bird’s eye view of what they’re doing on Twitter, so you can learn how to improve your own results and it will also put you in front of all the people they are in contact with.

Ashton Kutcher and Guy Kawasaki are two of the greatest examples on how to use Twitter effectively. However, try to find someone in your industry or related industry – someone who already serves your target market – who seems to use twitter effectively (you’ll know they are “hot” if they have hundreds of thousands of followers and thousands or 10s of thousand of updates).

Your Assignment for Today:

    1. Schedule to follow 50 targeted prospects per day, till you reach your follow limit. Twitter will allow you to follow 2000 people before you get around the same number of followers. The good news is that almost everyone who you’ll follow, will follow you back. Once you have close to 2000 followers, you’ll be able to follow more people. !!! – make sure that you do not follow someone only for the sake of raising your numbers! Follow only individuals who you believe have a good chance to becoming your customers in the future. If you need some clarification on how to do this, feel free to ask foll0w-up questions in the comments section below.
    2. Practice ReTweeting by clicking on the Twitter button below and re-tweet this post. Next time we’ll discuss how to engage your followers, develop a relationship with them, while also substantially increasing your number of followers.

Till then, I wish you Happy Marketing, and… Happy Twittering 🙂


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