Like it or not, we live in a time when prospects and clients demand specialization. They want to feel that they are receiving the product or service they want and need from someone they perceive as an authority in your niche.

The Silence of the Introverts-Coaching Introverts to Unleash their Strengths

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The Silence of the Introverts: Using Coaching to Capitalize on Introvert Strengths in the Workplace — Many view introverts in the workplace as shy and/or withdrawn… However, according to diversity coach Victoria Raphael, there is more to introverts than what meets our eyes… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have a very special guest today – Victoria Raphael – who is a diversity and interCultural coach. She is an avid Traveller… Her international background includes residence in Mexico , study in Germany and travel to more than 30 countries (so far!) Victoria decided to integrate her interest in foreign cultures with her desire to help people succeed, and became a Life Coach specializing in Diversity. She specializes in intercultural communication as well as “introversion” as a subgroup of diversity. She holds a masters degree in Training and Development and spent a few years teaching/training, sales, recruiting and instructing English as a foreign language. She is also a published poet and writes short stories. When she is not coaching or writing she might be found doing yoga, listening to big band music, inventing a new recipe, or reading about penguins. She is a sponsor of a penguin sanctuary on Magdalena Island , Chile , and her special penguin “adoptee” is named The Great Penguini. — Download Victoria’s research paper on how to better understand introverts, entitled “The Silence of the Introverts: Using Coaching to Capitalize on Introvert Strengths in the Workplace” — You can download the research paper at


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