The Hidden Success Secret Used By Today’s Top Performers!

The Hidden Success Secret Used By Today’s Top Performers!About the author: Darius D. Arnold is the Founder and President of FORWARD, Inc. a company committed to providing intense, results-oriented, high impact, easy to implement strategies and “how-to” information for advancing people FORWARD in each of six critical life zones: spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and financially.

Nothing frustrates the human spirit more than stagnation.  We have an innate desire to progress and advance forward.  If you don’t believe that to be the case, let me set you in bumper to bumper traffic when you are running late and we’ll see how long it takes for you to start complaining to your windshield.

If you are hiking through the forest and become thirsty, would you look to drink from a stagnant pond or a babbling brook?  The brook of course!  We not only like to move forward, but we like to be connected to things that move forward.  Think about it…from the beginning of time, man has tried to throw a saddle on top of anything he sees that can move him forward faster than his two feet!  A horse, a camel, an elephant…it really doesn’t matter, we just like moving forward!!!

We weren’t satisfied with “still pictures”, so we invented moving pictures and Hollywood has now become “the place to be”!  If you went to the horse track and bet $1,000.00 on a horse named “Pepper Foot” to win, then they threw open the gates and all the horses took off like a flash of lightning EXCEPT for “Pepper Foot”, you would start shouting like a lunatic.

Why?  It’s simple.  We like things that move!  Roller coasters, motorcycles, race cars, grocery lines, and football games, we expect each to keep moving forward!  We crave forward progress.  It’s who we are.  It’s how we’re made.

I submit, if you will take a look at your life and list the area’s that you are most frustrated with, each one of those area’s will have one common denominator…A LACK OF FORWARD MOTION.  If we are not growing spiritually, we feel lost.  If we are not growing emotionally, we become insecure.  If we are not growing financially, we experience lack.  If we are not growing relationally, we feel isolated.  For example, if a husband and wife never became more intimate than simply holding hands or giving a simple goodnight kiss like it were still their first date, there would soon be issues.  If that relationship doesn’t ever move forward, they will never experience reproduction.

You see, we are designed to advance so that we will eventually reproduce.  If you aren’t growing spiritually, you can never reproduce yourself by discipling someone.  If you aren’t growing emotionally, you will never learn how to deal with grown-up issues and will treat every situation in an immature manner.  So, instead of re-producing, you would just be re-visiting the same situations again and again.  If you aren’t growing financially, you are simply adding and subtracting from your bank account each week.  However, if you learn how to get your money to re-produce itself, then your finances can become a way to get ahead, rather than a way to get a head-ache.

I want to challenge you.  Before your head hits the pillow tonight, simply choose one of these important area’s that you KNOW is not experiencing the kind of forward moving progress that you desire.  Then, determine to take at least one small action to improve your situation.  The only thing powerful enough to hold you back from the positive results you desire is YOU!  Improve your life immediately.  Make a commitment to yourself today to advance forward!

If you can train yourself to notice area’s in your life that aren’t growing, expanding, and advancing forward, then you will be so far ahead of the average person who just stays in the same place until the pain becomes so great that they are forced to move!

Whether it’s a spouse that say’s they are going to leave you, a friend that for some odd reason just stops calling you, a creditor who WON’T stop calling you EVERY day, or the feeling that God doesn’t listen when you call!  Each of these could be avoided if you will simply learn to notice areas that aren’t progressing and then immediately do something to advance forward!

Darius D. Arnold is an accomplished author, popular speaker, conference host, and peak performance consultant based in New Port Richey, Florida.  To receive a copy of his breakthrough free report entitled, “Power To Prosper” simply call (727) 379-3867 or send an email to: