The Big Secret – How to Generate More Business the Easiest Way

Here’s a great article written by my friend Brian McGovern where he shares a well-known secret – a “secret” that many of us forgot somewhere down the road, or never applied it in the first place…

Now, Brian’s article is written primarily for Event Professionals; but they’ll work equally well for anyone, no matter what business you are in.

Enjoy the article!

I’d like to tell you a “secret” ….about a special something that could get you all the event bookings you’d ever want. Right now, your phone could be ringing a lot more. You could be booking more event jobs and bigger, better clients.

You could be booked solid with the events you love the most, with the clients you love to work with and making more money than you are right now.

If only you knew the secret …

What’s the secret to booking all the events you want? It’s not some new age, mystical stuff. This “secret” is far more practical and tangible. In fact, this “secret” is staring you right in the face. You see it everyday … but if you’re like most event professionals, you take it for granted. So what is the secret to getting all the business you want?

Now this secret doesn’t require a trek to the Himalayas – you already possess it. But, you’ve taken it for granted. Because you don’t fully understand its potential, you’ve ignored it.

Stick with me. If you are one of the few in the event industry that truly “gets it,” your business can take off faster and with less stress than you ever imagined. Are you ready? First, I need you to answer some questions …

Please Answer “True” or “False” to the following questions:

When all other things are equal (quality, price, service, selection, etc) …

__ I prefer to do business with people I know well, instead of complete strangers.

__ I like to hire people that I like rather than people I don’t like.

__ I want to do business with people who make me happy.

__ I want to do business with people who care about me.

__ I choose to work with people I trust.

Unless you’re brain is fried, I think you’ll agree that all the above are true statements. You with me? Well, try these on for size …

True or False

__ I enjoy being respected, valued and liked.

__ I like being seen as smart, resourceful and dependable.
Confess, you said “true” to all of the above, didn’t you? Well, if these things are true for you, don’t you think they’re also true for your clients and potential clients?

Don’t your clients prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust? Don’t your clients love being respected, valued and liked?

The more people who know, like and trust you – the more money you can make. The more people who care about your success – the more successful you can be.

I think you get it; it’s a simple concept. So, why do you keep getting it wrong?

When it comes to growing our clientele, we tend to think, “the more contacts, the better.” So, we go out to networking events and run around the room handing out business cards to people who only want to sell us something we don’t want to buy. We send out junk mail and bother strangers with cold-calls. We buy expensive advertisements and hope and pray the phone will ring. It sucks, doesn’t it?

Let’s be clear. People prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust – it’s like a trifecta – you have to get all three right or you lose.

If many people know you as a shallow, self-centered, pushy and greedy jerk … how much business will you get from them?

If many people like you (but they don’t trust you), you won’t go far. I like my dog, but I don’t trust him to plan a party.

If people trust you’ll do a good job, but they hate working with you … they’ll call someone else. I recently spoke to a brilliant videographer, he produce wonderful work. But, he never shuts up! He constantly complains and annoys clients. I can’t use him!

The more people you bother, the more people you try to take from, the more you push yourself on people … the less they will like you and trust you.

But the more people you help, the more people will want to help you. The more people you treat with honor and respect, the more you’re honored and respected.

In addition to developing new contacts, you must grow the relationships you already have.

How many of your old clients did you speak to this week? Did you only call to see if they’d hire you again? What have you done to help your biggest source of referrals today?

What about all the people you’ve known during your life? Are you keeping in touch with old schoolmates, co-workers, teachers, neighbors, relatives and friends? There are hundreds of people who already know, like and trust you … but you’ve neglected those relationships. You forgot about them and they have forgotten you too.

Good news, you can fix that. Today you can start to rekindle those relationships. Not to sell them – but to help them.

Right now, make a list of everyone you know or have known. I mean everyone. Old clients, new clients, other vendors, association members, friends, families, neighbors, past employers, employees, the parents of your children’s friends, your accountant, doctor … you can easily list over 250 people if you try.


Now if each of your 250 contacts knows 250 people … geesh, that’s about 62,500 people in your potential network. Do you think there might be some chance that a handful of those 62,500 might need your services.

Sure, most of your old school buddies are not in the market for an event designer, your Aunt Mary thinks you’re a party planner and there’s no chance your next door neighbor knows anyone who needs a photographer. You can’t use these people, right? Wrong, you can’t use any people. You can’t think that way any longer.

And, wrong, you don’t know who people know. It’s a big world with lots of strange connections. I got one of my best corporate clients from a plumber. That’s a true story. And, why did I get that job referral from a plumber? Because I went out of my way to get him two new customers and I keep in touch with him.

Right now, your phone could be ringing with new event jobs and bigger, better clients. You could be booked solid with the events you love the most, with the clients you love to work with and making more money than you are right now… if only you hadn’t neglected the relationships in your life. If only more of the people you’ve known in your life remembered you, and what you do. If only you’d taken the time and energy to maintain and foster deeper relationships.

It’s not too late. Now is the time to revisit and reinvigorate your current contacts. How? Reach out and help them, let them know how you help others, help them see how they’ll be perceived as smart, resourceful and dependable by referring business to you. Show them how they can be more successful by helping you succeed.

Stay tuned … I’ll get in to the how-to part next time. I’ll show you how I systematically keep in touch with thousands of people every month and still have time to work.

So, here’s my suggestion. Increase the number of people who know you AND really, really like and trust you – but don’t start chasing new relationships until you have done your best to serve and honor the relationships you already have.

You can increase the number of people who will help you succeed by increasing the service and value you give to others. And, that’s my big “secret.”

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