The 30 Day Bum Marketing Blueprint

30 Day Bum Marketing Blueprint

30 Day Bum Marketing Blueprint – YOU CAN EASILY DO THIS..!

Here’s a simpe step-by-step, super easy to follow blueprint on how to promote your product or an affiliate product in 30 days.  While the instructions mention affiliate products to be promoted, you can use the steps to promote either affiliate products OR your own product(s).

You have access below to both a Pdf. version and a Checklist-Software where you can check each item as you complete them…

Make sure to check it out! I love it’s to the point and simple language.  The steps are broken down into easy steps that you can take daily for 30-days.

Here’s the link to the checklist:

The Complete Bum Marketing Package
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30 Day Bum Marketing Blueprint – Pdf

The ebook below can be taken both literally, as well as you can use it to Learn How to Write 10+ articles a day
– to set you as an expert
– to promote your product
– to promote an affiliate product
– to send traffic to your site/s and blog/s
– or whatever reason there might be that you want to publish 10+ articles per day…

Again, what I love about it, is that it’s written in a very simple, easy-to-follow language.  Use it, together with the 30-Day Bum Marketing Blue Print above… and commit to sticking out those 30-days.  You want to get to a point where each time someone puts your name in the search engines, they should get results with pages and pages filled with your articles, videos, products, blot, website, etc.  That’s when many clients start seeing you as an expert – as someone trustworthy enough to do business with…

So, commit! … and stick to it!

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