The 7 Steps Sales Funnel – How to Transform Your Prospects into Repeat Paying Clients!

Do you have an effective process to transform your site visitors and your prospects into paying clients? …. and into repeat customers?

Check out this short (2.22 mins.) video to learn about a simple, yet powerful way to set up your own sales funnel and start generating sales…, and repeat sales…

I found more and more marketing “gurus” claiming that the Sales Funnel is “dead” – that it’s obsolete, or otherwise out of whack.  Except they’ll describe or even promote something else that’s really similar, however now they call it something else. Fact is, it doesn’t matter what you call it, most businesses – online and offline – will ask for your contact info, then they’ll email you or mail you free offers, discounts, etc. You just got into their “funnel” and they’ll do their best to keep you engaged and a repeat customer. So why not you? Every successful business does it – small or large – and so can you…

Access step-by-step detailed tutorials  on how to develop your own sales funnel at – includes sample email campaigns, lead generation training, and a ton of How-to videos, including “How to Create a Website that Attracts Clients” – 4-part Video Tutorial, ability to ask questions and get support, and much more….  You can access all this for only $1.00 – is that a good deal, or is it a super good deal? Pick one 🙂

The Sales Funnel - E.G. Sebastian

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