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*** – Occasionally, if you are lucky, you are the only one on the call – as it happened during this session – and have a chance to get a full-hour of 0ne-on-one coaching. Will you be next? 🙂

Here’s some of what we covered in this session:

> Minute 2:00 – How to pick a URL / Web Address that gets you more website visitors… more traffic

> 3:37 – Discussion on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – What to do to get more traffic to your website (What WP Plugin to use and much much more)

> 8:07 – How to transform your website into an Authority Site / Have the Search Engines recognize your website as an Authority Site and get more traffic… more website visitors

> 9:09 – Why you should use Videos on your website, blog, etc.

> 9:27 – The Power of Re-purposing – How to create more content from any of your existing (or future) content

> 12:54 – Step-by-step instruction on How to Install the All in One SEO Plugin on your WordPress site

> 15:11 – How to CREATE A VIDEO eCOURSE (How to CREATE THE VIDEOS for your eCourse)

> 25:03 – How to Attract Your Ideal Client to Sign Up for Your Course (!)

> 27:02 – Create Headlines that Attract the Potential Client’s Eyes

Make Your Headline BIG and Use a Catchy Color!

Use the Same Concept for your Sub-Headlines, Except Use a Smaller Font…!

> 28:57 – The Importance of Completing the Foundation Videos – the top tab: The eLearning Weekly Series – Complete them and implement them in the order they are provided to you…

(> 31:00 – Contact E.G. if you don’t have a project management program – it’ll help you stay more organized and focused; and best of all it’s SIMPLE & FREE J )

> 32:30 – How to set up a simple multi-part eCourse & How to Use it to Generate Leads & Clients

> 35:00 How to Generate More Leads (connect with ideal clients) with Your YouTube Videos

> 36:23 – How to use a simple assessment (AND FREE Sessions) to generate leads and Paying Clients

> 38:48 – How to Put on FREE Sessions that Consistently Convert into Paying Clients

> 40:50 – How to Connect with Your Potential/Ideal Client in LinkedIn Groups

> 41:50 – How to Share Your Message with Multiple Groups on LinkedIn

> 42:30 – How Long Does it Take to Start Seeing Results in Your Coaching Business

> 44:00 –Nothing will happen till you start implementing the right strategies (!)

> 44:25 – The Internet might Not necessarily be (and OFTEN will NOT be) Your Primary Source of Paying Clients – especially not in the first few months… or even 1-year+

> 44:50 – Effective eCourse / Newsletter Strategies

> 44:50 – Effective Strategies to Help You Get Paying Clients ASAP

> 45:45 – How to Attract Paying Clients with Assessments

> 46:12 – How to Get Paying Clients from LinkedIn Groups

> 47:25 – Do You Have what it Takes to Be in Business? (! Listen to the past 5-minutes for some strategies that will get you clients now !)

> 48:33 – Think of Yourself as Someone who has a Solution to Others’ Problems – SHARE THAT SOLUTION!

> 49:30 – The 30-30 Client-Attraction Method

> 49:47 – Potential Coaching Packages

> 51:18 – The Importance of Knowing Your Spill BEFORE You Talk to a Potential Client

> 51:50 – Success Story that relates to having a prepared script and adhering to it

> 52:55 – Present Your Offer in a Way that it’s Easier to Say “Yes” than “No” to Your Offer

> 54:05 – Use Webinars to Get More Clients for Individual Coaching or Group Coaching

> 57:15 – The Importance of Visibility – Get More Clients by Being Constantly Visible in front of Your Ideal Clients


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