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Here is the Recording of this week’s support webinar…


If you have any questions related to what was covered during the session
– or any marketing or business-building questions –
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Here’s some of what we covered in this session:

  • Reviewed the Client-Attraction & Business Success Pyramid – importance of having the basics in place…
  • Get massive visibility for your message
  • How to craft your message in a way that your ideal client will WANT TO CONNECT WITH YOU
  • How to Create YouTube Videos that will help you connect with your ideal clients & Get Massive Visibility
  • How to Increase the Number of LinkedIn Connections – Connecting with Your Ideal Clients
  • Discussed web-design elements that will help you convey a professional image & connect with your ideal clients
  • Words of “wisdom” regarding social media
  • Good Enough is Good Enough!” – Don’t get stuck in trying to make all your materials PERFECT (website, newsletter, etc.) – it’ll paralyze you into inaction
  • How to put on workshops and webinars that will Convert Attendees into Paying Clients
  • and much much more…

  • Great News: We Launched the Coaches Directory – List Your Coaching Services There NOW! www.myCoachingCenter.com – make sure to stop by and set up your profile… and take a minute to search for my listing (myClientAttractionAcademy or E.G. Sebastian) and post a testimonial or say something positive about myClientAttractionAcademy.

Enjoy, and post below any follow-up questions you might have…

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