Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay

Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay

Hi there, sorry you couldn’t make the live call 🙁

And… if you are listening for the 2nd time, to refresh some of the concepts we covered, congrats for taking action!

If you have any questions related to what was covered during the session,

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Now… before you watch the video

We had a few minor technical glitches…
– the first few minutes your screen will be black – there’s nothing wrong with your computer… just keep listening – you won’t miss anything, as we are only covering some basic concepts where no visuals were used anyway…
– and a few smaller glitches that last for less than 10 seconds, about 3 or 4 times during the recording…

Other than that, I think we went through a few important elements throughout the session (scroll down to the video)…

Here’s what we covered:

> Minute 3 – Announcements (If you are looking for a buddy-coach, connect with one of the group members; etc)

> Minute 5:28 – Introductions

> Minute 12:41 through 14:43 SILENCE 🙁

> 16:35 – The 4 Elements of a Great Coaching Niche (How to Pick a Niche)/ How to Pick a Profitable Niche (here we cover 3 of them, then the 4th one is covered at minute 38:10)

> 29:05 – How to Give Your Prospects & Clients What they Need (and Want)

> 31:00 – How to Serve Multiple Niches

> 37:09 – Powerful Strategies to Consistently Generate New Clients (“buy-now” vs. “future-buyers”)

> 38:10 – #4 Element of a Profitable Niche

>  42:40 – What type of content should you use in your membership site; and other membership-site related tips (we have step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a membership site (!) – easy to set up and you should absolutely have one — talk to me if you think it’s too hard to create it or to ad content – I have some cool strategies for you)

> 48:48 – What is a Landing Page and why you should have one…

> 55:23 – Networking Strategies & How to Sell Your Service (or product) to your prospect, when you are talking to him/her face-to-face

> 57:25 – Top ways how we lose sales…

> 58:02 through 01:03:  How to get Hired by More Clients when meeting face to face (also see article 15-Step Power-Networking Checklist)

> 1:02:20 – Not Everyone is Your Client (!) – at least not NOW(!) – 99% of the people you meet are NOT ready to buy NOW – Build relationships with most of these (99%) and make sure they hire you when time is right… or send you referral business…

> 1:04:30 – How to get a client to hire you, who (1) CAN afford you, but (2) seems to take advantage of your free advice/support

> 01:15:35 – Tiffany’s journey – from poverty and abuse to 6-$Figure Income and Mega-Success (Inventor of several functional and fashion bags, top Sales-Person of the year for a multi-national company, speaker, author, and founder of the Diamond Movement – an organization that helps young girls who were abused or need help otherwise with life-choices)

> 1:19:50 – More Landing Page Strategies – How to drive traffic to them

> 1:24:25 – How do you Encourage Workshop (and Webinar ) Attendees to Sign Up for Your Membership Site (!)

Got Questions or Comments related to what we covered?
Post them below…!

Got Questions or Comments? Post them Below: