Put Your Business on Steroids by Creating Joint Ventures

Put Your Business on Steroids with Joint Ventures!

Put Your Business on Steroids with Joint Ventures!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses; and definitely have a limted time of hours within any given day.  One of the most effective ways to speed up your success rate, reach into markets that otherwise would not have accesss to, and a ton of other benefits, is through creating joing ventures with other solo-professionals.

The key is to bring something to the table – even if it’s just a great idea – and present it in a way that each “partner” will see how they’ll benefit from this relationship.

I, for example, am looking for contributing authors to several of my upcoming books:

– How to Deal with Bullies

– If I Could Go Back in Time…
(I intend this as a business-topic book; and I’m looking for stories on what would you do differently in your business if you could start all over again….)

I’m also looking for co-presenters for some of my webinars and teleclasses – Contact me with what strengths can you bring to the “table”…

What type of Joint Ventures would help you move forward?

Join the discussion and in our forum; tell us about you business AND who are you looking for?  What strengths should one posess to be considered for JV with you?

Here’s the link to the forum: