Public Speaking – Workshops-in-a-Box

If you’ve been doing some public speaking, but you do not have a professional program that you are ready to present to corporate audiences, or otherwise larger audiences, you always have the option to purchase a seminar/workshop “in a box.”

When I started speaking I had two topics: Goal Setting  and Coaching Skills 101.  The only problem with these two programs was that they were both mostly in my head… but I wanted to get started “today” (this was in July of ’03), so what I did, I did some research and I found a program called Success Without STress, that was available through ASLA (American Seminar Leaders’ Association), where I became a member.  The kit was around $5000 and I felt it was a bit outdated.  It used projector slides (no powerPoint) and I don’t recall if it had handouts (maybe it did).  Fact is, I rewamped that program in about two days, and in two weeks I got my first gigg to speak at the Carolinas Housing Authority Anual Conference.  (I got the gigg in two weeks, but the conference was comming on in two months).  At the conference I presented both the Success without STress and my Coaching Skills 101 programs…

I charged $680 for that first speaking engagement and I was so happy I could jump out of my skin (pluss they  paid for my hotel, ocean view; and I brought my wife and two kids with me who spent two days in the jacuzzy, the pool, and the ocean).  That was the beginning….

A Better Solution

A few months after I bought my Success without Stress Program, I participated in a DiSC seminar – a seminar that helped us attendees recognize our own personality style and the style of those around us; and helped us understand each style better and communicate more effectively with each.  That seminar had such a tremendous impact on me, that when I went home, I hugged my wife and son and appologized for missunderstanding them for the past few years (with my daughter I was ok – she has my personality style and we get allong like pro’s).

In fact, the effect of that DiSC seminar was so profound on me, that I decided to become a DiSC trainer / facilitator myself.  I went out and bought all the books available on the market… and in a few hours I found TTI and called them, but got a very fuzzy answer on how I could become a DiSC trainer… then I found Inscape, and when  I called them, they gave me the news that I wanted to hear: for abou $15000 I’d get a complete seminar in a “box”, complete with PowerPoint slides, professionally designed handouts, scripted seminars in 13 modules, with applications in several different areas, such as team building, conflict management, improving managers’ performance, improving team performance, etc.

Wow!  I was soooo excited.   This was exactly what I needed.  Not only that they provided me with all the materials that I needed, but they also provided training and in about a year certification…  So, in 2005 I became a Certified DiSC Trainer – yes!!!


So, why am I sharing this with you?  Because if you are ready to speak, but you do not have a good program, I highly recomend the Inscape facilitator kits.  There are several of them with different applications.  ON this site you have a chance to see the Everything DiSC Sales facilitator kit.  You can view some more such kits – or workshops-in-a-box – at .  

Each facilitator kit is complete with ice-breakers, interractive activities, scripted seminars, more than 100 customizable PowerPoint slides, customizable professional looking handouts, and much more…  Check them out at the links above, and give me a call at 877 379-3793 if you have any questions, or contact me by Clicking Here! and we’ll chat about what would work best for you: 

!!! If you buy the facilitator kits from any of the links above, you’ll get access to more than a 10 hours of training video, 90-minutes face-to-face (or on the phone) training with me, and one year internet support; and if you need it, we can get together once a month for 30 to 45 minutes to answer any questions or challenges you might have (in the first year after your purchase).

This kits are put together by professional curriculum designers and these programs have been presented to more than 100 Fortune 500 companies and thousand of companies of all sizes worldwide.  So, if you are looking for a serious tool that will help you become a great presenter, pick one (or more) of the facilitator kits and get started speaking next week…

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