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All members enrolled in the myClientAttractionAcademy.com get Unlimited eMail Support & 35-minutes One-on-One Support – phone, Skype, or in-person (for our local clients)) every month with one of our trained Marketing Coaches & Mentors.

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150+ Hours of Marketing & Client-Attraction Tutorial Training Videos, broken down into Easy-to-Follow and Implementable bite-size material, combined with checklists & worksheets. Read on for more details….


Here is a Glimpse of Some of the Video Training Tutorial Titles
and Resources You’ll Find in the Members’ Area:


  • Basics of Starting & Running a Coaching, Consulting, or Other Service Business
  • Sample Marketing Materials – Select Your Specific Business (116 Businesses Listed Here)
  • Finding Your Niche Topic
  • Defining Your Target Market
  • Marketing 101
  • Marketing Definitions
  • 7 Steps To Every Sale
  • A Look Over Our Shoulder As We Walk You Thru Marketing A Small Biz Online
  • Learn These Powerful Fundamentals For Marketing Your Business Online
  • How to Create Market-Dominating Websites
  • How to Convert Your Visitors Into Paying Clients
  • How to Sell Your Services Like a Pro… without Coming Across Like a Sales Person (8-Part Training)
  • How To Create Added Value In Your Business
  • Basic & Advanced Copywriting (8-Part Course)
  • How To Create A Compelling Message Your Market Will Respond To
  • How We Generate Leads Online & Offline
  • How To Create Sales Letters To Drive Prospects To Your Business (6-Part Course)
  • Sales Letter Checklist For Direct Response Mail
  • How To Make Email Marketing Work For Your Business (8-Part Course)
  • How to Set Appointments that Convert into Paying Clients
  • How To Cut Costs And Unnecessary Expenses
  • Organize Your Office
  • Profitable Time Management

Fast-Track to Business Success

  • 101 Ways To Make More Sales with Online Strategies
  • How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business
  • Business Growth Secrets – 5-Step Profit Formula (5-Part Course)
  • How To Market Products Or Services With Proven Results
  • Advanced Website Techniques That Give You A Competitive Edge
  • Methods That Will Help You Grow a List of Pre-Qualifies Prospects
  • Increase Your Sales With Social Proof
  • How to Become Known As An Expert In Your Field
  • How To Build Your Business Fast Using Joint Ventures
  • How To Create Powerful Offers For Your Business
  • How To Use Landing Pages To Drive Leads To Your Business
  • How To Develop Insatiable Copy For Your Ads, Website And Advertising Collateral
  • How To Write Newsletters That Keep Your Business in The Spotlight
  • How To Create A Revenue-Generating Referral System
  • How To Create Risk Reversal & Guarantees That Generate Leads
  • How To Develop An Online Sales Funnel
  • How To Develop Your Own Webinar / Teleseminar Strategy
  • Steal These 21 Time-Tested List Building Ideas Using Webinars & Teleseminars
  • How To Use Craigslist Advertising To Grow Your Business
  • How To Attract Clients Using Trade Shows And Special Events
  • How To Get Someone Else To Sponsor Your Next Event
  • Generate More Leads & Clients with Video Marketing (6-Part Course)
  • How To Use Video Marketing To Compel Action
  • How To Get $1 Million Worth Of Free Publicity (3-Part Course)
  • How To Capitalize On Viral Marketing (6-Part Course)
  • How We Increase Customer Loyalty
  • How To Make Radio & TV Advertising Work For Your Small Business
  • How To Establish Profitable Barter Relationships
  • How We Raise Our Prices WITHOUT Losing A Single Customer
  • Systemization Strategies We Use To Build 6-Figure+ Businesses

Marketing Your Services and/or Products Online

  • Lead-Generation Tutorials (multiple tutorials, starting with basic to advanced strategies)
  • How To Get Your Emails Read And Acted Upon
  • Email Campaign Templates by Industry
  • Email Marketing Tips, Tricks And Tools
  • How to Use an Autoresponder Like a Pro
  • How To Build A Massive Email List
  • Email Marketing – New Product Launch Campaign
  • Email Marketing – Sample Drip Campaign
  • How To Create A Revenue-Producing Drip Campaign
  • Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Promotional Emails


  • Web Tools To Help You Run Your Business
  • How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP
  • Adobe Photoshop For Newbies
  • Installing A WordPress Blog
  • Master Ad Template
  • Installing A Membership Forum
  • 10 Frequent SEO Mistakes
  • How To Get Your Website Indexed Fast
  • How To Add Your URL To Google
  • How To Automate Your Sales With PayPal Buttons With PayPal Security
  • How To Automate Your Sales With PayPal Buttons With PayPal Security
  • How To Get Set Up With Google Adwords
  • How To Attract Quality Pay-Per-Click Traffic

Multiple Streams of Income Training

  • How To Create Products That Increase Your Revenue And Profits (6-part training)
  • How To Create A Membership Site From Scratch (8-Part Course)
  • How To Set Up An Affiliate System To Increase Sales (7-Part Course)
  • Make More $$$s & Attract More Individual Clients with Public Speaking (4-Part Course)
  • Get Published – How to Become an Amazon.com Published Author in 90-Days or Less
  • How to Get Published and Practically Guarantee It Becomes a Bestseller
  • Podcasting (6-Part Course)


  • Explore Our Resources And Templates To Help You Do-It-Yourself
  • 25 Powerful Words That Make A Compelling USP or Elevator Pitch
  • Elevator Pitches & USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions) by Industry
  • Headline Bank
  • Master Ad Template
  • Landing Page Template
  • Free Report Template
  • Sample Ad Templates
  • Business Card Template
  • Target Customer Forms
  • Sample Marketing Schedule
  • Sample Revenue Plan
  • Gap Analysis Template
  • Distribution Channels, Strategies And Tactics (List of More than 100 Ways to Sell Your Service/Product)
  • Marketing Definitions
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Your Guide To Direct Response Advertising
  • Our Itemized Checklist For Direct Response Advertising
  • Letters That Built Major Companies
  • Additional Sales Letter Resources (adapt these To fit your business)
  • Universal Scripts
  • Scripts by Industry
  • Goal Setting For Success
  • Goal Setting Worksheets
  • Profitable Time Management
  • Reclaim Your Time: No Longer Confuse Being Busy… With Being Successful
  • Profit Acceleration Program
  • Profit Acceleration Spreadsheet

Keep in mind that the above titles are just a small sample of what’s waiting for you inside of the members’ area…

Once you sign up for your trial, contact us if you need help locating any of the tutorials listed above; or if you need help deciding what to start with… or need help developing a Study Plan…

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MyClientAttractionAcademy prides itself in being a One-Stop Provider to All of Your Client-Attraction, Marketing, & Business Growth Needs. We provide our members 150+ Hours Business-Development Tutorials and Related Resources.

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