One-on-One Private Coaching with E.G. Sebastian

One-on-One Private Coaching with E.G. Sebastian

Congratulations! If you are on this page, you got excepted to work 1-on-1 with E.G.

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* To Purchase Hourly-Blocks of time, use the Drop-down below to pick your package. Keep in mind that the more hours you buy, the higher discount you get.

*** If you purchase more than an hour, you can use that time on different days OR can use it as a VIP intensive coaching where we go in-depth into creating a marketing plan, identifying what you still need to put in place, start putting strategies in place, etc.  VIP Intensive can be up to 4-Hours at any one time (!)

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On-on-One Coaching with E.G. Sebastian (for New Businesses)

*** Get On-Going Business-Growth Support ***

Ensure Your Success with a Recurring Ongoing Coaching/Mentoring Support: Set up a Recurring Coaching Arrangement…

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***  All of the above prices are ONLY for New Start-Up Businesses OR struggling businesses who are operating in the red!

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