Oct. 1 Client-Attraction & Marketing Mastermind Call Recording: Lead-Generation Strategies, Part 2

Lead Generation Strategies - Opt-in Offer & Public Speaking - E.G. Sebastian

Lead-Generation Strategies, Part 2

In today’s Client-Attraction & Marketing Mastermind call, we are continuing covering some more Lead-Generation strategies:

*** At the beginning of the call we chatted about coaching & depression; and a bit on website building with wordpress, online site-builders, or through a web designer – if these topics are of no interest to you, jump to minute 13:45 to listen in to today’s top (we are using the handout at http://www.getMoreClientsPro.com/f101 – listen to the instruction on the video on how to download it – you’ll need to scroll down and click on the link under the graphic)

During this call we focused primarily on How to Attract Traffic to Your Irresistible Offer (or your website/blog)


Either in this or my last call I mentioned the benefiits of Guest Blogging. When you sign up for BloggerLinkUp. you get daily notifications in your email about who needs guest blog posts on what topics. Here’s the link to it: http://BloggerLinkUp.com/

The more places your name shows up, the more impressed anyone will be when they’ll do a search on your name AND THE MORE LINKS POINT TO YOUR WEBSITE or blog, the higher you’ll be ranked by the search engines (your goal being to come up on the 1st page for your main key words — the more sites/blogs link to your page, the more a search-engine favorite you’ll become)

I suggest spending no more than 30 minutes a day – or twice a week – on this strategy. It is a credibility booster and a search engine strategy (ok, for this 2nd reason maybe you do want to spend a little time on it in the beginning). Usually you can take one of your blog posts, article, top 10 tips, etc. and share it on others’ blogs.


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Here’s a Funny Promotional Video  I got done for my http://www.getMoreClienPro.com site – check it out if you have time: