Non-Salesy Tip #3 – Use Your eMail Address as a Sales Tool

An easy way to capture new sales – and especially new opt-ins (which is more valueable than a single sale) – is through your eMail signature. (if you already have a personalized email, jump to pt. #3)

  1. First of, have a professional email address! or or any of the free emails, just SHOUTS that you are not a real professional. It errodes your credebility. If you have a website, your email address should definitely be something like; or use your name, such as


  1. If you have more than one email account, use Outlook Express to read all your emails in one place (it is already on your computer) or use Outlook Express, which also allows you to set-up appointments, reminders, etc. directly linked to specific email messages. It’s a great program, though it does take up some hard-drive space and might slow down your computer (I recently got a hard drive with more memory so I do not have a problem with the “slow-down” factor); or you can use the email program from WindowsLive (I’ve used it for about a year, before I upgraded my hard-drive). WindowsLive is a simpler program, but it does the job.
  2. USE A PROFESSIONAL EMAIL SIGNATURE – one that not only tells who you are, but also generates sales and/or captures opt-ins. Here are two examples of what I use (in Microsoft Outlook you have the option to insert different signatures for different emails):
E.G. Sebastian
Author, Speaker, Coach
Tel: 843 252-9966

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Author, Speaker, Coach
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Of course you can keep your offers short and sweet – I get a bit carried away, but I do get results.

!!! To set up your signature in Outlook, simply go to the Help menu and type in the word “signature” or “creating a signature” and you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to do it… (or if that doesn’t work out, leave me some feedback here and I’ll post the steps on how to do it)

Of course, you can set up signatures in any email program, and you can set up several different signatures and you can insert the appropriate signature depending on who you are emailing to…

Post some feedback on what you think about this post… OR if you have used this technique, what kind of results did you get and/or what would you suggest to make it more effective…

E.G. Sebastian

Author, Speaker, Coach