Relationship Marketing: Niche Marketing eBook, with Niche Discovery Worksheet

Niche Marketing eBook, with Niche Discovery Worksheet

Niche and Relationship MarketingHaving a clear niche for your coaching (consulting, speaking, etc) business is crucial to your success. Many fear that if they pick a niche, they limit themselves and might lose out on a whole lot of potential clients…. Many who tried that approach for a few years, today are back working for someone else.

Fact is, when you try to promote yourself to everyone, no one can hear you. Just think about it… If someone stood up on a rock and yelled “I have a potion that cures all diseases, how many people would listen?  A few, I’m sure…  but how many would take him (or her) seriously???  Very few.

BUT! If this guy was screaming “I have the cure for pancreatic cancer!” and you do have that disease or you know someone with that disease, wouldn’t you at least listen…? Then once you listen, if this person seems credible, then you’d probably buy that potion. And you listened because he had the cure to your specific ailment.

The same is valid for your coaching business. If you claim to have the solution for a specific problem, people with that problem will listen to you. But if you claim that you can help everyone, extremely few will take you seriously.

Download your Niche Marketing eBook below (no opt-in required)… It’s not really finished – but the only thing that’s unfinished in there, is sharing my stories 🙂  I decided to just let you have it as is. It has some great definitions in there and a great Niche Discovery Worksheet. I hope you’ll find it helpful – let me know in the comments section (thanks!).

Here is your Nich Marketing eBook!

Make sure to complete the Niche Discovery worksheet,
to help you find your ideal AND profitable niche…

 Niche Marketing (with Niche Discovery Worksheet)

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