Sept. 17 Client-Attraction & Marketing Mastermind Call Recording: Lead-Generation Strategies, Part 1

Lead Generation Strategies - Opt-in Offer & Public Speaking - E.G. Sebastian

Lead-Generation Strategies, Part 1

In today’s Client-Attraction & Marketing Mastermind call, we are covering briefly Lead-Generation strategies:

1. Online Opt-in/Irresistible Offer strategies
2. Public-speaking and webinar client-attraction strategies

We discuss in-depth the Sales Funnel – or more exactly, the exact process that you can implement to attract qualified leads.

Definition: qualified leads = individuals who are most likely to become your clients — as coaches we should focus our efforts on spending our time promoting to our services to “qualified leads” – that is to individuals who are actively looking for solutions to the problems we can solve, or solutions that will help someone reach their goals.

You can always choose to try to promote to everyone – usually through complimentary coaching sessions – but that’s the least effective way. Or… you can choose to put your message out to be heard (or read) by 100s or 1000s of Qualified Leads (people who want what you are offering). Needless to say, the most successful coaches promote their services through the 2nd method… and that’s what we started covering in today’s mastermind call.

We’ll probably spend a few weeks on this topic and cover several Lead-Generation strategies, helping you choose the strategy that you feel most comfortable with, to help you put your message out there. After all, you can have the greatest service – perhaps the cure to AIDS – but if no one knows about it, both you and those who don’t get your solution suffer…

Ok, enough chit-chat, here’s the video – enjoy, and post any follow-up questions you might have at the bottom of the page…


I believe that during this call I mentioned the benefiits of Guest Blogging. When you sign up for BloggerLinkUp. you get daily notifications in your email about who needs guest blog posts on what topics. Here’s the link to it:

The more places your name shows up, the more impressed anyone will be when they’ll do a search on your name AND THE MORE LINKS POINT TO YOUR WEBSITE or blog, the higher you’ll be ranked by the search engines (your goal being to come up on the 1st page for your main key words — the more sites/blogs link to your page, the more a search-engine favorite you’ll become)

I suggest spending no more than 30 minutes a day – or twice a week – on this strategy. It is a credibility booster and a search engine strategy (ok, for this 2nd reason maybe you do want to spend a little time on it in the beginning). Usually you can take one of your blog posts, article, top 10 tips, etc. and share it on others’ blogs.


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