If you are looking for others to give you the emotional support you need, at the time you need it, then you may be disappointed.

It’s not that people don’t care, they simply are trying to balance their own lives.  We think people are thinking of us all the time.  However, the main focus is on themselves.

So before you get angry, or judgmental of others for not giving you what you think you need from them, look for ways to support yourself.  Instead of waiting for that compliment, or thank you, give it to yourself.

Children can be self-centered trying to navigate and understand their worlds; your boss is just trying to please her boss; that friend or relative may be worried about something they are not revealing to you; and your partner/spouse is just plain tired.  With this in mind, how can they be there for you when you need their support most?  They can’t.  They are teaching you to depend only on you.

So, the answer is to go deep inside and befriend you.  [R]emind yourself to be independent of the need to have others support.  You are powerful.  You only really need you, and your higher power.  You were born with all the gifts, the talents, the resources that you will ever need.  Others simply enhance and add to the perfection of “you.”

Turn within

Be mindful of your breath.  Focus on the complete inhale, and the complete exhale inside of your body.  It’s the perfect way to free yourself of that emotional grip, that need to control, cling to or grasp the support of others.   You’ll soon find you’ll find your own answers and self love.

People will then respond positively to you because they will not be repelled by your desperation, which they can feel.  Your relationship will instead become one of unconditional love and/or respect.

You’ll be free of the emotional bondage of “needing” others,  and you will have your own independence day, every day.

P.S. : Stop waiting for their phone call or email.  Contact  them.

Love, Light and blessings,

Janet and Walter

Janet Alston Jackson and Walter H. Jackson, authors are personal growth experts
copyright 2010 Self Awareness Trainings, LLC all rights reserved