Implement a Lead Generation System, Stage 2: Qualify Your Leads

Teaming Up with Your Customers, by Brian TracyIn Stage 1, in the previous post , we explored generating leads through multiple venues. Some of the leads generated through some of the suggested strategies are already “qualified” leads – or at least pre-qualified – as they shared their contact info on your opt-in page, where they basically said “I’m interested in what you are offering – I want to hear more.” (Here’s a link to  Part 1, if you missed it:

Needless to say, not all of your leads will have the same value. Especially when you meet some of your leads face to face – such as, at Networking Events, people will give you their business card just for asking… which does not mean at all that they are interested in your offer/s (and you should definitely NOT add them to your mailing list without asking them first).

If you got your leads through networking, a teleclass, webinar, or any other means (did not opt in to your offer yet), qualify them by sending them an email or postcard thanking them for their participation in your presentation (or express how nice it was to meet them – whatever the means of collecting their contact data was) and let them know if they want to know more about “How to…? [insert your niche-specific irresistible offer here]”, they can sign up for your eCourse, audioCourse, TrainingVideo, etc. at .

Remember, the money – and the key to your success – is in your list. You want to develop a large list of individuals interested in what you have to offer. Most likely you’ll not end up coaching most of them, but even if you coach a small percentage of them, you are in business….Besides, many of them might attend some of your free or paid teleclasses, webinars, or buy your books, eBooks, home-study courses, etc., all of which becomes an additional source of income for you and/or they’ll become part of Stage 3, “Nurture Your Leads,” which we’ll talk about in the next post. In the next posts we’ll explore the next stages of the process:

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Stage 4: How to Transform Your Leads into Prospects

Stage 5: How to Transform Your Prospects into Life-Long Customers All right…., did I miss anything?  How do YOU pre-qualify or qualify your leads?

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