"I Don't Have The Time!"

What does time have to do with my web site?

A great deal, apparently.

It’s unfortunate, but the number one reason I hear from clients about why they cannot get their web site in shape is they don’t have the time.

In my opinion, this is flawed thinking.

We all value our time. Time is a limited resource and must be allocated according to your priorities. Time, in fact, is more precious than wealth. You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time.

But this is not an article on the value of time. Go read Dan Kennedy’s book, No BS Time Management if you want to learn about how to manage your time. (It’s available in most book stores and Amazon.com).

Here’s my point – why would you let time be the limiting factor on your website? It’s probably because you are doing it yourself, aren’t you?

Like you, I’m a small business owner. Until recently, I didn’t have any employees or contractors. I was doing everything in my business. Many would applaud that. I was saving money and not having to manage anyone else. Bravo for me.

Not so fast.

My decision to be everything and anything in my business was hurting me and it actually COST me more than it SAVED me. What I lost was opportunity, efficiency, expertise, and leverage. How stupid of me to be so self-centered.

I am admitting this character flaw to you to prove a point. You are not alone. Most other small business owners have the same problem. You should take comfort in the fact that other owners in different industries share the same struggles in this discipline.

I believe that this is a lesson that can only be learned, not taught. I was spending a lot of time on things I wasn’t very skilled at. I was handling a lot of tasks I didn’t enjoy, even dreaded. I was using my time in very poor fashion.

So I started buying time. Yes, I bought time! I “bought” an assistant who handles the stuff like customer support, billing, and other routine stuff I don’t care to do. I “bought” the expertise of skilled people and companies that could accomplish projects much faster. I just hired my first full-time employee to help execute my operations and marketing projects.

My investment in buying time has increased my ability to work on things I enjoy and things that matter to the bottom line. I’m now doing $500 an hour work and paying $5, $10, or $20 an hour for work I don’t need to do.

I’m a recovering time abuser. Are you?

I’ve been teaching my clients (and teaching you) that your website is a business tool. It’s a profit generating machine that needs to be fed. If you ignore it, it stops working. It’s a shame that some professionals have stopped sending traffic to their website because they simply don’t have the time to make it work correctly.

This is a disservice to your business, and is hampering your growth. Believe me – I speak from experience. You can’t, and should not work on your own website if your skills or your time is limited.

I will share with you next month how to buy time for yourself and buy expertise to get your website making money for you. I will try and prove to you that spending a few dimes now will return dollars to you in the future when it comes to your website.

Until next time….

“Don’t Have Time To Drive Traffic To Your Website?”

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