Webinars vs. Videos - When to Use Each - E.G. Sebastian

How to Use Webinars & Video to Generate More Leads & Attract More Clients

Two of the Top Ways to Generate More Leads
than Any Other Method: Webinars & YouTube Videos

But… when should you use webinars… and why?  Or should you use videos instead to market your services (and products)?

Listen into this webinar (recording) and find out Why to Use Webinars and Videos; and when are they most effective in Lead-Generation, Client-Attraction, Generating You More Credibility & Get You More “Like, Know, & Trust”….

During this content-rich training video (ok, webinar replay 🙂 ), you’ll discover the following:

Enjoy it, and Post Comments or Questions at the bottom of the page!
(All Questions Will be Answered)

If you want to Download the PowerPoint Slides,
you can do so here: http://www.slideshare.net/egSebastian/how-to-use-webinars-video-to-generate-more-leads-attract-more-clients 

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