How To Discover What Your Clients Really Need

By Nina Cherry, Your Business Coach on MauiHow to Find Out What Your Customer Wants

Many professionals are offering what they THINK their prospects want. Or they deliver what they themselves are interested in, without any clue as to whether their target market is interested in it—and whether their prospects would PAY for the product or service.

Some professionals think, “If I do what I love, the money will follow.” Let me tell you straight: in this economy, people are only spending money on what they really, really need. They ARE still spending money, but not on “luxury items” or things they might like but don’t really need. Aren’t you?

I’m not saying to offer something that you have no energy or juice for. Not at all. I am saying, find out what people need and of those issues pick the one you are passionate about!

If you are not interested in any topics they need help with, you probably have not identified your true target population. Hint: it is most likely a group you yourself are a part of. You know the issues of this specific population because you have had them yourself and have figured out how to solve them! Now you naturally want to help others solve the same problems.

The most successful professionals are people who want to serve others and make a difference in the world.

How will you find out what your prospects need? It’s so simple: ASK THEM!

A great way to do this is by OFFERING A SURVEY and giving prospects an incentive to fill it out. is a fabulous resource to know about. On SurveyMonkey you can quickly and easily create a 10 question survey absolutely FREE! Isn’t that WAY Cool?

Below is a link to a survey I created to show you how to do it yourself. Feel free to actually take the survey yourself. It will take you about three minutes or less to fill out.

Give your audience an incentive to take the time to fill out your survey.

INCENTIVE 1) Example

If you fill out the survey, I will give you A GIFT THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The free gift is my 55 page e-workbook called RECREATE YOUR LIFE: 7 Steps To Designing And Living Your Ideal Life.

After you fill out the survey and give me your email address, I will send you a link to download the e-workbook from my website.

INCENTIVE 2) Example

If you fill out the survey, you’ll automatically be entered in a contest to win a Complimentary One Hour Coaching Session with me for a BUSINESS OR PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH.

Let your prospects know that their responses to the survey are completely confidential and that you will not share their information with anyone, anytime.

Here is the example of my survey. It is a lot of fun to create on Survey Monkey. What a great free service!

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