How to Create a Client-Attracting LinkedIn Profile – CHECKLIST

Linkedin Strategies - How to Create a Client-Attracting LinkedIn Profile - CHECKLISTLinkedIn is undoubtedly on of the greatest social media platforms that can help us connect with more prospects and attract more clients. Your first priority on LinkedIn should be to create a powerful, client-attracting profile. You want to show up in the LinkedIn search results, and to accomplish that, you need to create your profile based on some specific criteria. This checklist should help you create a profile that’ll consistently put you in front of your prospects, and hopefully will help you start to get more clients through your LinkedIn presences and LinkedIn activities…

So, lets’ jump into it!

* – having a clear Niche and understanding who your Target Market is, will help you tremendously in creating a powerful client-magnet LI profile!

Use LinkedIn to…

  • Meet other like-minded (business) people
  • Use LI Groups to discuss business strategies
  • Ask for help for your most burning (business-related) questions

Most importantly:

  • Find prospects & develop a relationship with them
  • Keep your prospects engaged with value content
  • “Ask” for prospects’ business – mention some of your services or products at the end of your value-driven content (article, video, checklists, blog post, etc).

Go to
create a profile.  Make sure that your profile contains the following elements:

 A professional – or great looking – picture  (Make sure that the picture is of appropriate resolution)

   A customer benefit-driven profile description
Instead of listing a description of your credentials and accomplishments, focus your description on how you can help your clients.  When a prospect reads your profile, they should whack themselves on the forehead and exclaim – “This is exactly what I was looking for!”

   As you create your profile, try to include keywords related to your niche.  For example, if you are a relationship coach, make sure the term “relationship coach,” “relationship coaching,” and “relationship development” are included in your profile description as often as possible, WITHOUT making it sound weird.  
Do a search for your keywords (top/right side of LinkedIn home page – make sure it’s set on “People”) and see who comes up on the first page – get inspired by how they describe their business.

  Once you create your profile the way described above, you’ll start showing up in search results on the first page, and hopefully on the top of
the page…

Keep tweaking your profile, including more of your keywords, till you show up on top of the search engines…

By following the above simple tips, I come up (as of today) on the first page for the following keywords:

Get More Clients – #1, out of 96,000 results (is that cool, or is that super cool 🙂 ????)

Client Attraction – #7, out of 10,000 results

Client Attraction Coach – #5, out of 1000 results

Improve Performance – #2, out of 500,000 results (that super hot 🙂 )

Conflict – #3, of 300,000 results

Conflict Management – #3, of 230,000 results

Effective Communication – #4, of 550,000 results

Interpersonal Skills – #2, of 500,000 results

Bullying – #1, of 12, 500 results

Workplace Bullying – #5 of 1500 results

DiSC – #3, of 62,000 results (for people who are looking for DiSC trainers or DiSC assessements or other DiSC products)

I’m not sharing all the above to show off, but rather to show you what’s possible when you take a proactive approach and optimize your LinkedIn profile in a way to be most easily found by your prospects and future clients…

How would it help your efforts to get more clients, attract more prospects, and grow your credibility if you consistently came up on the first page in the LinkedIn search results?

Implement the above tips step by step and you’ll experience similar results as I do (or even better)…


E.G. Sebastian
Author, Speaker, Coach
Client Attraction & Retention Specialist

Got questions? … suggestions? Post them below…

PS – in the next post we’ll continue our Twitter for Solo-Professionals series – I recently presented a training on Social Media Marketing, and I got really excited when I did a search on my main keywords on LinkedIn and I thought you’ll appreciate these tips…

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