By Stefan Aschan

Change your body appearance and increase energy and mental clarity in 7 days? No chance some of you think. Served left and right at gatherings are foods that are not always the best for us. Trying to be friendly we often feel compelled to over eat and drink the meals, deserts and alcoholic beverages served to us. To help combat these pitfalls, clients of mine have utilized to great success, the 7-foods for 7-days program.

It is easy to follow and easy to implement. You will need only the following: Apples, Lemons, Sprouts, Brown Rice, Carrots, Almonds and Broccoli. These are all primary foods and provide you with all the necessary nutrients in order to function without feeling fatigued or weak. Those 7 foods have ingredients that will benefit you with the following:

Benefits gained from 7 ingredients

Apples: High in fiber, soluble and insoluble, to aid in your digestion. Fiber is the indigestible part of a plant that assists in cleaning out our intestines and helps to keep our bowl functions working optimally. Remember, fiber has 0 calories and helps to absorb bile acids which remove cholesterol. One apple has about 100 calories.

Lemons: Besides being high in vitamin C, they are excellent for detoxification, rejuvenation and as energizer. But did you know that lemons help you in your fat metabolism as well? No? Then make it a habit to increase your intake with lemon water when waking up or before lunch or dinner.

Sprouts: Trace mineral causes chemical reactions in our body starting from cell division to metabolization. When grains start to sprout, the nutrients increase and those digested nutrients help us to function more efficiently. Sprouts contain increased amounts of protein, B vitamins, and vitamin E and K, calcium, phosphorus and many more. In short, nutrients we need to have a functioning metabolization of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Brown Rice: Who says that you get protein only from animal sources? From Brown rice you can as well, but avoid white rice, which is processed and has high levels of amino acids that you will need to restore muscle tissue, particularly after exercise.

Carrots: Yes, high in the glycemic index but look at the benefits of a carrot: It is a powerful anti oxidant, it builds healthy skin and tissue, it is good for heart disease, reduce risk of cancer, especially lung, help stop diarrhea, stimulate appetite, help build healthy teeth, improves eyesight, prevents eye and mucus membrane infection,… What else can I say? Besides, fresh squeezed carrot juice combined with lemon juice tastes like the new Florida orange juice.

Almonds: Wonderful to have on hand as snack food. And do you remember that saying: 3 Almonds a day keep the doctor away? Almonds contain all the trace minerals that your immune system requires to function 100%, including the scarce selenium.

Broccoli: Sorry ladies and gentleman. I know some of you don’t like broccoli but give it a try with fresh squeezed lemon juice. The taste is unique and refreshing in combination. I hope by now we know that broccoli is a one stop shop to prevent cancer and provide calcium, potassium, magnesium and so fourth.

Solutions to implement

You don’t have to eat one food item for one day. Mix and explore. Here are some suggestions that you can do in combination:

Carrot lemon juice
Brown rice and almond cereal

Lunch & dinner:
Brown rice carrot broccoli stew
Broccoli, carrot almond stir fry
Roasted Almond Broccoli

Dessert & Snacks:
Roasted apples spiked with almonds
Apple lemon salad

But before you start this 7- day 7-foods approach, you might want to answer: “Why do you really want to do this?” Sit down and write down your responses on a piece of paper. Be honest with yourself. Yes, you will lose weight, increase your energy, tighten your stomach and become more physically and mentally productive when you eat a fist full of those items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But what might be the bigger issue gained when you accomplish this approach? Might this be better health, improved digestion, increased endurance, looking younger, and a possible increase of longevity? Only you can answer this.

You have achieved many goals in life. Otherwise, why would you be where you are today? So you already know that to accomplish goals you will need determination, mental commitment and consistency. But before you know where you think you end up, you need a plan. The 7-day 7-foods approach is designed for you to get started. It is easy to remember, easy to follow and easy to execute. Why not implement it for 7 days right now? It is time to make your body your business.

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