Get More Clients, PART 5: How to Capitalize on Your Circle of Influence!

Get More Clients, PART 5: How to Capitalize on Your Circle of Influence!

Capitalize on Your Circle of InfluenceToday, let’s explore one of the easiest and often most neglected “method” to attracting new clients: reaching out to the people you know – that is, to your Circle of Influence

According to some cool experts,we all know at least 100 people: family members, coworkers,ex coworkers, friends, friends of friends, ex friends, ex-husbands,ex-wives, neighbors, etc., etc, etc….

And not only that you can reach out to them and inform them of your new  “venture,” but you can also ask them – or even givethem an incentive – to reach out to their circle of influence– to the people THEY know (translation into plain English: ask for referral 🙂 ).

I used to send out and hand out postcards that’d inform the person about my new career and offered $250 for anyone they referred to me and stayed my client for more than 90-days.I picked 90-days because I used to give 90-days money backguarantee to all my clients. (You can get some postcards free at and/or 100 postcards for about$10 – can’t beat that).

So here’s your “homework” for today – and don’t you slack off, I’m watching you J– just do it and enjoy the results:

Make a list of 100 people (or more) who you know prettywell. Don’t think too much about “Can they afford me?” or”They’d never hire me”… Just put the word out and you mightbe in for a surprise (or not… but you know what happens if youdon’t try? NOTHING!). Besides, you could beright, maybe they can’t afford you or they’d never hire you,but they know someone who might hire you...

When I sent out my first round of introduction letters (back in 2003, I followed my mentor’s instructions and sent out actual letters)I was surprised that I got hired by one of my daughter’s friend’s parent – someone who I always saw as very confident and outspoken. If you asked me to cross out the people from mylist who I was sure would never hire me, she would havebeen one of them (but she was very well connected and talkative, soI was hoping that she’ll know someone who might need me).It turned out that she was a control-freak and felt overwhelmedall the time. Boy (or Girl), was I glad that I put her name on my list…!

Get More Results…

Here are a few things that will increasing your chances of getting results with this client-attraction method:

  1. You don’t have to write up all the 100 names in one sitting.Some can do it in one sitting and even enjoy it; for me it was a drag.
    So I wrote the names in an Excel sheet and used the “arranging them inABC order function” (whatever you call that AZ function) and I’dhighlighted the people to whom I sent out the letters; then everyday I’d add 10 to 20 more names.
  2. Coaching relatives and close friends can be somewhat “dangerous”- that is, it can spoil the relationship for years to come, so be careful – coaching by nature is such that people will open up and share thoughts /challenges /desires /etc. that they’d never share with others and at times this “sharing” can create some discomfort later…Also, some family members or friends might not take theprocess seriously and make you feel like a failure… eitherscenario is not very good, so be careful. I know coaches whorefuse to coach friends and family. I tried, and it worked withsome and failed with others. I’ll never try again; though, itdepends what type of coaching do they need…Later in my coaching career, I provided business coaching to several friends and it worked out excellent; but even now, with 11 years of coaching experience, I’d stay away from life coaching family or friends. So… be careful who you coach and what topics you coach them on – make sure it doesn’t get “slippery” down the road…
  3. Commit to sending out 10 postcards per day (or letters- I prefer postcards with some crazy, funny, or beautiful graphics, and some funny text on it).  This way if most of your “friends” contact you as a result of your message, you don’t have to talk to 50+ people a day…
  4. If you don’t have strong copy-writing skills, start writing out the names, but don’t send out anything till you speak to me or some other marketing “genius” to help you create a message that can convert connections into clients or referral sources.
  5. Please do not allow self-doubt, procrastination, analysis-paralysis,or other “bugs” stop you from completing your “homework”! Enjoy, and let me know if you found these tips useful.

That’s it for today …!  Till next time, Let’s Implement this Stuff, and enjoy the results 🙂

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