Five Tips For Creating Successful Habits

By Brian Tracy

Fully 95% of everything you accomplish, or fail to accomplish, will be determined by your habits, either good or bad. Successful people have good habits that guide and direct them to ever greater success. Unsuccessful people have bad habits that trip them up throughout their lives.

Here are five things that you can do immediately to begin developing the kind of habits that lead onward and upward to a wonderful life:

First, imagine that you have a magic wand. You can wave this magic wand and create your future anyway you like. Project forward 3-5 years and imagine that your future was perfect in every way. What would it look like?

One of the fastest ways to pull yourself out of your current situation is to imagine an exciting future. This visualization or picture of something that you can be, do or have will often stimulate you into new behaviors.

Second, set clear, written, measurable goals to achieve that ideal future vision. Take out a piece of paper and write down exactly what you want. Set a deadline, make a plan to accomplish it and work on that plan every single day.

Third, identify the most important new habit or behavior that you could practice that would help you to achieve your goal. Perhaps it is the habit of getting up and getting going early. Perhaps it is the habit of setting priorities and working on high-value tasks. Perhaps it is the habit of being more patient and listening to people more carefully. Whatever it is, begin to practice that habit every single day.

Fourth, tell other people that you have decided to develop this particular habit. Encourage them to remind you when you slip from time to time. Knowing that other people are watching you is a powerful stimulus to personal change.

Fifth, give yourself a reward each time you practice the habit that helps you to attain the goal that moves you closer to your ideal future vision. When you make a giant step forward, give yourself a giant reward. We are all motivated by incentives, and the incentive system that we set up for ourselves can be the most powerful force for transforming the way we think, feel and act.

About the author

Brian Tracy is a legendary in the fields of management, leadership, and sales. He has produced more than 300 audio/video programs and has written 28 books, including his just-released book “The Psychology of Selling.” Special offer: To receive your free copy of “Crunch Time!, just visit and click on the Crunch Time! icon. He can be reached at (858) 481-2977 or