Do You Understand Your Sales Style?


DOMINANCE sales style individuals tend to be direct, fast paced, and bottom-line in their communication.  They give the prospect just enough information to give a basic understanding of their product or service; and they expect quick decisions from their prospects.  Smiling or chit-chatting does not come naturally to them; nor is deep listening one of their strengths.  They connect best with clients who are just like them: fast paced, bottom-line, who know (more or less) exactly what they want.

INFLUENCE sales style individuals are also fast paced, but they often get so far from the bottom line that the prospect wonders (and at times they wander too) “how the heck did we get to talk about this?”  This sales style individual loves to socialize and often comes across as friendly and helpful, but often is way too talkative and might use humor in excess.  When not making a sale, the Influence style might be dissapointed and can take it personally.  This style sells most effectively to people just like them: talkative, fast-paced, friendly, and humorous.

STEADINESS sales style individuals are moderate paced individuals who sell by building trust.  Of the four styles, this style is the best listener and will help clients or prospects choose the best product or service that fits their needs (based on what they hear).  Steadiness sales style individuals are kind, helpful, and smile most of the time when communicating with their clients or prospects.  They take their time to express themselves (speak at a more moderate pace than the Dominance and Influence styles), are comfortable with allowing the prospect to take time to bring a decission (even days or weeks); and, at times, come across as shy.  They sell most effectively to people just like them: who are kind, patient, and moderate paced.

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS sales style individuals are moderate paced individuals who talk and move at a more moderate pace and, of the four styles, have the most in-depth technical knowledge.  This sales style individual tends to be very formal; and just like the Dominance style, they do not like to chit-chat about non-business related topics, nor do they smile much while interracting with prospects or clients.  Conscientiousness style individuals will provide in-depth details about their product or service – often more than most clients want to hear – often providing a several options and going into details of what each option’s strengths or weaknesses are.  This sales style sells most effectively to people who are just like them: to detail-oriented, careful, and formal individuals.

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You can view a sample assessment, with indepth description of each buying style here: E.D. – Sales Styles & Buying Styles – SAMPLE Profile

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