"Did You Think About Cleaning Your "House"?"

Is your website ready for visitors?

Is your website ready for visitors?

By Bob Regnerus

In order for your website to be most effective, you better make sure the website is ready for visitors – just like you would for company that comes to visit your home. Unfortunately, as I do consulting with services businesses I am still seeing that they spend very little time and effort on preparing their web site for visitors.

If you neglect your website, you are neglecting an incredible source of new business. Would you print a phone number in the Yellow Pages and have a 9 year old answer calls? I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s what many professionals are doing with their websites. They are doing the design themselves or sourcing it out to someone that has no concept of direct marketing.

I see sites that feature things like

– Company names in an oversized font that takes up the top 25% of the screen – Company logos that must be on steroids – Endless lists of license numbers and associations – Pictures of things having nothing to do with what you do – Boring tag lines like “family owned” and “doing business since” – “Flash” sites that whiz and bang and scream and never end

Folks. this month, I want you to take action and get serious about your web site. Your business is riding on it, and it’s time that it starts paying you.

This month’s lesson is to simply wake you up and alter your mindset.

Think, “My Website Is An Advertisement”.


Yeah, it is. Your website is nothing more than an Ad.

Think about it, what does an ad do? It generates business for you. I want you to start thinking, “My website is there to make me money”. Your website is not a brochure. Your website is not for people to get free advice from you. Your website is a money making machine, just like you expect all your other ads to be. Therefore, treat your website for what is truly is, an advertising medium – like TV, Radio, Print, Yellow Pages, or Direct Mail.

Therefore we ought to spend time making sure our web site sells our services first and foremost, and we no longer follow the crowd of service providers who have run-of-the-mill boring web sites that do nothing more but gather dust along the information superhighway. Your web site will be a cash register that puts new clients in your appointment book!

In the coming months, I am going to teach you how to provide a service to your visitors. I will share techniques that make sure you give them what they want, so they not only stay on your web site longer, but they will take action – whatever action you want them to take – and they will be happy to take that action because you gave them what they were looking for.

Next month I expect to talk to you about the first couple things you must have on your on website to increase the chances of the visitor taking a desired action on your website.

“Want To Quickly and Easily Attract New Clients Using the Internet?”


Bob Regnerus is an expert in generating and converting website visitors into new business. Bob has a solution just for Businesses who want more new clients! Find out more at http://www.TheLeadsKing.com or contact Bob at 1-877-349-2615