Did You Miss Any of the Last 10 Parts…?

pin red_thumb_tack_angled_right_400_clr_1902Here are the links to the 1st 10 Parts of the course, in case you missed any of them, or if you just want to go over any of the parts one more time…

Part 1: 4 Steps to Picking a Profitable Niche

Part 2: How (& Why) to Create a Grand Vision for Your Coaching Business

Part 3: How to Create a Client-Attracting Elevator Pitch

Part 4: Create a Client-Attracting Business Card

Part 5: How to Capitalize on Your Circle of Influence

Part 6: Power Networking – Your 15-Part Cheat-Sheet to Effective Networking

Part 7: Autoresponders – Your Tool to More Clients & More Income

Part 8: Elements of a Client-Attracting Website – Part 1

Part 9: Elements of a Client-Attracting Website – Part 2

Part 10: Elements of a Client-Attracting Website – Part 3


*** – if you ever miss a part, always make sure to do a search in your Spam folder (search for “90-Days Blueprint”); Also, you can always hit reply to any of the messages from E.G. and let him know if you have any questions… or if you didn’t receive any parts of the course.