Part 10: Copywriting 101 – Attract More Clients & Sell More On (and Off) Your Website

Part 10: Copywriting 101 – Attract More Clients & Sell More On (and Off) Your Website

! Learning Basic Copywriting Skills is the most important skill that can forward your business. Many successful business owners pay $1000.00s – and at times $10,000.00s – for a one-page marketing copy. It is the words that you use on your website (and other marketing materials) that will sell (or NOT) your services or products. It is the words that you use on your web pages that will elicit a desire in your ideal client to want to learn more about your offer… or to just navigate away and never look back…

Invest time into learning at least the basics of Copywriting – You’ll be glad you did!

Marketing experts often say that “You are only one copy away from fame and fortune”; and while I’m not sure about the “fame and fortune” part, one thing is sure: the words you put on your website (and other marketing materials) will determine whether your website visitor will want to engage with you, or will navigate away from your website and never have a 2nd chance to connect with this person.

In previous parts we talked about the importance of Attention-Grabbing Headlines and having an Irresistible Offer on your website; and those are key (!). Today we’ll take it one step further and explore how to craft your message on all of the pages of your website in order to keep your site visitors engaged, and wanting more…

To accomplish this, I’ll share with you an interview I did with my super-cool Copywriter friend, Arfa Saira Iqbal.

Enjoy the interview and let me know if you have any questions about the content.


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Remember! The better you become at writing good copy, the more successful you’ll become. When you learn how to share your offerings with the world in a way that it gets noticed and elicits desire to learn more about what you have to offer, you’ll start attracting more clients than you can handle!  Learning copywriting skills is a skill that you definitely want to invest time in….


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The success of your business depends on how well you share your message with the word, including how Effectively Do You Market Your Business.  Make sure to spend beyond adequate time on learning to write effective marketing copy and commit to becoming a Marketing, Lead-Generation, and conversion “guru.”  Your business’ future truly depends on these 3 skills (copywriting, marketing, lead-generation, and conversion). In later parts we’ll talk more about conversion…

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