Business-Building Basics: 12 Steps to Building a Successful Service Business

Business-Building Basics: 12 Steps to Building a Successful Service Business

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    Owning your own business, be that large or small, is often equated to being the “American Dream” – a symbol of freedom, control of your own destiny, and financial independence; and often a source of great joy… a way of self-expression… or fulfilling a desire to make a major impact in the world around us.

    All of the above can be your reality, as long as you commit to implementing some Basic Business-Building Strategies that will ensure that your business will provide you all what you expect and more. Unfortunately, many newbie entrepreneurs believe they can just jump in and wing it, and end up struggling and getting more frustration and stress out of the whole experience than anything else; then in the end, they have to give up and get back into the 9-to-5 grinder, working some low-paying menial job.

    Did you know…?

    About 50% of new businesses go out of business in the first year; 70% by the end of the 2nd year???

    So…, What can you do to ensure
    that your business will become a success?

    12 Steps to a Successful Service Business

    1. Before you invest 100s of hours into building your business, make sure to do some research and find out if there’s a need for your service/s – or else you’ll end up with a website, business cards, a dream; the whole shebang, but no clients (Ouch!) – you definitely don’t want to fall into that trap. Make sure there are plenty people actively seeking for the solution you provide (!)
    2. Do some research on the prices your competitors are charging, and price your service/s comparably. If you price yourself too low, some might think that your service is inferior compared to your competitors; if you try to charge way too much, you’ll equally repel clients. Setting the right price for your service is crucial – do your research and set your prices right.
      * – Notice that authors and other celebrity service providers in your niche are able to charge higher fees; if you can develop a “celebrity” or “expert” status, you’ll be able to charge equally high fees (e.g. publish a book, get on lots of radio and/or TV shows, etc.)
    3. Get crystal clear on your Target Market! Identify your ideal client and make sure they can afford your prices (!)
    4. Your offers should compel your prospect to take action, either in the form of a purchase or in the form of sharing their contact info (e.g. sign up for one of your opt-in offers)
    5. Learn to communicate your message in a compelling format, both on your website and offline. Be clear on What service you provide & Who your ideal client is (!) Get help for this step from a marketing professional, as this is where the rubber hits the road – you’ll attract clients if you can communicate your offers in a compelling manner; and you’ll get no clients if you slack off on this step.
    6. Invest time (and $$$s, if you have to) into learning multiple ways to generate leads! The more people you can attract to your offers, the more chances you’ll have to convert your leads into paying clients!
    7. Understand that “People do business with people they know, like, and trust” — Put systems in place that will allow you to stay in touch with prospects and existing clients, and constantly develop your relationship with them, constantly increasing the “know-like-and-trust” factor
    8. Invest time in learning basic Sales Skills! Learn to sell your services effectively, without coming across as sales. There are simple, yet very effective processes, that can help you convert most conversations with prospects into paying clients.
    9. Learn the art of Follow-Up – it’ll increase the number of your clients exponentially!
    10. Become viewed as a credible professional! Establish massive online visibility through multiple channels: website, blog, articles, videos, webinars, etc. The more visible you are, and the more you project an image of a true professional, the more clients you’ll start attracting.
    11. Commit to becoming a life-long learner of business best-practices, marketing strategies, and sales skills – the knowledge you’ll gain will make all the difference in the world in the results you’ll get with your business.
    12. Find someone who can mentor you. There’s nothing as effective than learning from someone who is experienced and succeeded in the business you are trying to create (!)

    Carefully complete these 12 steps, and you’ll exponentially increase your chances to creating a successful and profitable service business, with a steady flow of clients & the income you always wanted and deserve…

    * – A life coach can Only be effective if you know exactly what you must do to succeed, but for some reason you are not doing it; for true business growth, it is highly recommended that you find a coach or mentor who has a proven track record of success in the area you need help with (marketing, business-growth, setting up a coaching or consulting business, etc.)

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