Boost Your Staff’s Productivity With a Simple Management Program

By Becky Regan

Everyone knows how frustrating it feels to have your planned day spiral out of control from reacting to the day’s demands. Want to know how to motivate and manage your hourly workers to focus and produce more results? Here’s an easy solution that works particularly well for customer service and sales reps: Have them set the next day’s goals at the end of each day before they leave the office.

Announce in your staff meeting that you’re putting this new program into place. Then follow up the staff meeting holding “one-on-one” meetings with each employee. Talk about what work you want them to do this week and in upcoming weeks. Ask them to establish their own goals in addition to your direction.

Begin by creating a simple form that each employee will use daily to set goals and schedule them to happen at specific times. Here’s an example of one you can copy and use:

1). List the six most important things you have to do on your next day in the office and time you will dedicate to each item (in hrs/mins):







2). Now estimate how much time you will dedicate to EACH item (right hand column).

3). Now list WHEN you will do each task.





















Courtesy of Dr. Donna Galante

Ask each hourly employee to list the six most important things they have to do the next day before they leave work each evening. Their goals can be very simple, such as returning a call to a customer or more complex and time consuming, such as working on a project. Have them dedicate the last 15 minutes of the day to this calendaring exercise before they clock out to go home. By completing the form, they’ll determine how much time it will take them to accomplish each item in hours and minutes. And, they calendar in specific times when they will perform each task. In essence, they’re building their work schedule for the following day.

To track each employee’s progress, conduct 30 minute weekly one-on-one meetings. It’s best to hold these meetings on Fridays to review what each employee did accomplish and what goals they need to carry over into the following week.

Hold them accountable for accomplishing their goals! Listen to their explanations why some goals weren’t met, and individually coach each person advising them how to better meet their goals. Use positive reinforcement for good behavior, and talk through how other situations might have been handled better. Give each employee their own slim, 3-punch binder to file their daily forms for reference purposes during that month. At the end of the month, they remove and file that month’s forms, then start the process over again.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll realize from using this simple management system: 

* Employees will plan and organize what they need to accomplish the next day

* In addition to what you’ve asked them to work on, they’ll set their own goals

* They’ll schedule out the following day, focusing on achievement of their six goals

* They’ll “sleep” on it to allow their subconscious mind figure out some issues

* You’ll be better informed about what your employees are working on

* Your employees will know what you expect of them creating alignment toward shared goals

* You’re holding them accountable by conducting your weekly “one-on-one’s” with them (this is a “MUST DO”…….this program won’t work without the weekly meetings!!)

* Hold staff meetings to have employees refer to their forms, and then go around the table asking each employee to tell other employees of their successes and failures (and how they overcame them).

Learning from each other will be enhanced and you’ll build your team by having them share their experiences, celebrating their successes and collectively troubleshooting work related problems in a supportive, team-based environment.

Set competitions for outstanding examples of customer service and or achievement of sales goals. Make the gifts fun and coveted by your staff (ask them for ideas)!! Examples of great prizes include movie tickets, gas cards, special parking spot for the week, gift card to favorite restaurant or shop, I Tunes gift cards, IPods, TVs, etc.

In no time at all, you’ll take your team to the next level! Just try it, and tell me what results you’ve achieved with your team based upon this program’s simple implementation. You’ll look like a superstar to your boss and your staff, I promise!

Copyright 2008 Regan HR, Inc.

Becky Regan, M.A., CCP began her own consulting practice in 1995, Regan HR, Inc. to provide human resources consulting services to businesses in California. Her work as a consultant includes the full spectrum of HR technical expertise with an expertise in compensation studies. In addition to consulting with clients, in 2008 Becky expanded her practice to include online marketing of her custom HR products and established coaching programs for developing HR professionals. For more HR tips and to receive her FRE*E special report, visit