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Resources – Create your audio products with kunaki!

  • no upfront costs to create your product
  • just email them the mp3 file and they’ll create your audio product
  • support with CD cover design
  • low cost
  • they ship the product directly to your customers [drop shipping]
  • no need to set up inventory, shopping cart, payment methods, etc. – they take care of all of that for you… – Create audio products with Free; and of course, your teleclasses.

  • it records in pretty good quality
  • it is FREE
  • can allow your prospects, customers, etc. to listen online
  • listeners can download the mp3 file online for later listening – if you are not familiar with this gadget – and you love music – this is a must have. It’s an online radio that will remember your preferences and will play only the music you love…

You want some soft instrumental music while you work? You got it?

Some soothing yoga-type music, you got it!

Rock, pop, rap, country, etc. – it’s all there! Try it out! – Royalty FREE Pictures

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