Back-up Your Pc & Get Access to Your Data Remotely from Any Computer

Toay’s post is not so much sales related, but it is a very important one.

Get a FREE PC BacUp account today –

If your computer never crashed, it will. Call me negative or any other name you want to, but in my 15 years of working daily with several computers, I experienced a half-a-dozen crashes during these years and sometimes there was a way to resucitate the computer and at times it wasn’t possible.

When this happens, you have several options:

  1. Curse, sigh, through your hands in the air and in final desparation throw away your computer
  2. Go to BestBuy or to other local computer store and have them rescue your data from the hard drive – this will cost you anywhere from $7O to $2OO+, depending who is doing it for you
  3. Back up you PC regularly on an external drive or on DVDs
  4. Use Sugar-Sync. This is an online PC-backUp service and they have a FREE account to start you with. The greate thing about Sugar-Sync is not only that it saves all your data as you go, without you having to lift a finger, but it also allows you to check all your computer’s content from any other computer with internet access [which for me, who spends lots of time on the road, is invaluable] Give it a try:

For us solo-preneurs, our computers are often our “best friends” and it’s always a tragedy when our “best friend” passes out. So make sure not to let that happen – back up your PC today!

Here’s that link again: