Attract More Clients with Your Website – Part 2: How to Grow and Engage Your Tribe of Followers

Research shows that most of your site visitors will decide within the first 2 seconds whether it’s worth their time to explore further your site or to navigate away and keep looking…

Is your website set up to Invite Prospective Clients to Engage with You…?

Attract More Clients with Your Website – Part 2: How to Grow and Engage Your Tribe of Followers

Here are 4 tips that will help you transform your website’s home-page & your landing pages into a Client-Attraction & Lead-Generation Tool:

  1. Have a Highly Visible Opt-in Box with an Irresistible Offer. Ideally this offer should be on the top right side of the page (or on the left… or middle of the page – but ALWAYS on the top-fold of your web-page or landing page)The Irresistible Offer – or the Opt-in Offer – should be worded in a way that it addresses your ideal client’s main frustration or main desire. Ask yourself: “What keeps my ideal client up at night? What solution is my ideal client searching for…?” And offer a possible solution in your opt-in offer (7-Part eCourse; 10-Days to…; Join the 15-Day Challenge…; etc.)*** More often than not, your irresistible offer is in some way an adaptation of your headline. For example, if the headline is “Do You Feel Overwhelmed and Unproductive, We Have Solutions for You!” — your irresistible/opt-in offer could be “Double Your Productivity in 15 Days – Enter Your Name and eMail Address Below to Sign up for the 15-Day eCourse!”
  2. Understand that the PRIMARY PURPOSE of your website is to get your ideal clients’ contact info (hence the importance of the highly visible irresistible offer).You’ve heard it many times that “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” By getting your website visitors’ contact info ou get a chance to develop a relationship with them and accomplish those three “goals” (know, like, trust).- and if your headline and irresistible offer are well worded, you’ll capture only the contact info of those who need what you have to offer.If you are selling a high-ticket service or product, and your goal is to generate sales from the first time someone visits your website, that’s like asking someone to marry you on the first date…

    I ‘m not saying that it’s can’t happen – once in a blue moon – but it’s just not realistic. However, If you have the powerful headline that talks to your ideal client; you have your irresistible – and highly visible – offer on your site; you’ll capture your ideal client’s contact info and you just gained a new member for your “tribe of followers.”

    AND if your copy is written in a powerful way AND is solution/benefit oriented, and the visitor is ready to buy, then BINGO, you just made a sale. Either way, you end up with either their contact info or a sale – a ginormous difference from the website where people just read stuff, then navigate away.

  3. Develop a plan to Stay in Touch with your Tribe of FollowersThey trusted you with their contact info, now it’s your turn to provide them value by over-delivering and exceeding their expectations. Over-delivering in the sense of providing great value, and provide that great value packaged professionally. It is easy to create great, professional looking Pdf.s, great Info-graphics, etc.
  4. Make sure to add calls to action in your email messages, such as
    – “Got questions? Hit Reply and ask away… I’m always just an email away…”
    – direct them to additional resources on your website
    – invite them for a free consult
    – send them to watch a related video you created
    – invite them to your upcoming webinars… and send them the link to the recording, if they can’t attend (or dont’ send it to them, if you want them to attend your live events)The key is to engage your list and develop a relationship with them…

Implement the above 4 strategies, and you’ll be well in your way to growing a “Tribe of 1000 True Fans” (concept popularized by Seth Godin) and if you implement this strategy the right way, you might just find that Getting New Clients will start becoming a breeze…

Amen to that, right 🙂

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