By: Kim Duke

I love summer! It is a wonderful time to get outside, hang out with friends and give yourself a well-earned “breather.”

However, you may be surprised by the other reason I love summer!

This is the time of year I sell 75% of my bookings for the fall. While everyone else is lying on the beach or playing golf – I am speaking with clients/potential clients about their goals for the next 6 -12 months.

Years ago I had a wizened old guy for a sales manager who told me something I have NEVER FORGOTTEN.

” Always walk into the quarter with 75% of your target already achieved and the rest is gravy.”

Don’t Fall Asleep At The Wheel of Your Business!

Selling 3 months ahead -It works! I sell my services a minimum of 3 months in advance- so when September rolls around and everyone is in FULL SCALE PANIC mode – you guessed what I am doing – selling for January!

Take a look at your business so far this year. Evaluation should NOT just happen once the year is over. Ask yourself these questions:

1) Is my marketing working? How am I tracking it?

2) What goals are being achieved? Which ones aren’t happening?

3) What new goals do I need to set for the next 3-6 months?

4) What needs to go?

Have A Siesta and Dream About Your Business At The Same Time!

As summer is the time of year for reflection and relaxation – make it work to your advantage! When you are having fun – you are open to inspiration. I get the best ideas when I am walking my dog, hanging out in nature and letting my mind ROLLLLLLL around abit.

Then I put my ideas into action – so you had better STAY TUNED on what is coming your way this FALL from The Sales Diva!

Your Diva Dare? Sell 3 months ahead – and start the process of thinking proactively with sales instead of “reacting” to market conditions. Create your OWN conditions instead!

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