9-Steps Checklist: How to Build a Website that Converts Visitors into Clients

by E.G. Sebastian9-Steps Checklist: How to Build a Website that Converts Visitors into Clients

The question is: Is your website a cool (or not even too cool) online brochure or is it a client-attraction tool?  I know you’ve heard this question many times, but if you are not getting clients through your website, then read on…

Website = Online Brochure = your website does not have interactive features, but rather only lists what you do, what you offer, and who you are… (it generates zero to extremely few leads or clients)

Website = Client Attraction Tool = Your website contains the following 9 elements: (and generates dozens of leads daily)

  1. Make sure that each page on your website covers one topic / one product/ one service.  It is a well-known marketing “mantra” that “A confused mind doesn’t buy” – don’t confuse your site visitor with too many choices!
  2. Powerful Headline that grabs your visitors’ attention and “forces” them to read on
  3. Ensure that the Headline is 100% niche-friendly – it identifies your niche’s pain and suggests a solution; for example, “Are you tired of being tired? Find out the 7 simple secrets to waking up energized and feeling energized all day long…” or “Discover how to easily get out of any conflict and build more harmonious relationships with your spouse, in ONLY 7 Days!!!”
  4. Subhead line that supports your main headline and further involves the visitor to read on. For example, “Nutritionist and fitness expert shares energy management secrets only high performers and top athletes know” or “Relationship Coach exposes fail-proof strategies that will bring guaranteed results!”
  5. HIGHLY VISIBLE, ideally on the top right side of the page, OPT-IN BOX, with an irresistible offer. For example, “Discover 12 powerful steps you can take today to increase your energy level. Simply fill in your contact info below to get instant access to this colorful and potentially life-changing PDF Cheat Sheet” (and, yes, make your giveaways colorful – add graphics, use colored headlines, etc – just don’t overdo it); or Download our “Understand the Four Conflict Styles and How to Deal Effectively with Each Style” powerful eBook (47 pages).  Simply fill in your…”  See some  examples on my websites: http://www.egSebastian.com http://www.yourSuccessChecklists.com http://www.getMoreClientsAcademy.com http://www.communicationskillsmagic.com/ (a bit neglected, but still generates about a dozen leads every day) Invest some time in studying copywriting and headline writing – sign up at http://www.getMoreClientsAcademy.com for a 30-days, N O STRINGS ATTACHED, FREE trial account (can cancel at any time) and get access to copywriting training, and 350 most powerful headlines used in recent years – your library  has books on copywriting as well
  6. “Hypnotic” copy – meaning, every sentence on your page should further involve the visitor, making them want to know more and helping them understand why it is you that they should listen to. Your web copy should focus PRIMARILY on the BENEFITS the visitor would get if they sign up for your freebie, or if they buy your product or service
  7. Understand that YOUR PRIMARY PURPOSE when someone visits your site is to get their contact info, hence the importance of the highly visible irresistible offer. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. By getting the visitors’ contact info, you get a chance to develop a relationship with them and accomplish those three “goals” (know, like, trust). If your goal is to generate sales from the first visit, that’s like asking someone to marry you on the first date – I ‘m not saying that it’s not happening – it does, but it’s just not realistic.  HOWEVER, If you have the powerful irresistible – and highly visible – offer on your site, you’ll capture the visitors contact info; AND if your copy is written in a powerful way AND is solution/benefit oriented, and the visitor is ready to buy, then BINGO, you just made a sale.  Either way, you end up with either their contact info or a sale – a ginormous difference from the website where people just read stuff, then navigate away.
  8. Make sure your website or blog is equipped with social media tools, such as “Share” button and “Like” button, so visitors can share your page/article/etc. with their friends; as well as help you grow your tribe of “1000 true followers.” (If you are not familiar with the term “Tribe of 1000 true followers, read a brief description of it here: http://yoursuccesschecklists.com/linkedin-client-attraction-strategies-part-3-start-building-your-tribe-of-1000-true-followers/ )
  9. Make it easy for your visitor to make a purchase or to contact you. Have prices displayed for your products (not necessarily for your services) and clearly visible “Buy” buttons or links.  Also make sure that you have a Contact Us link at the bottom of each page, or in the navigation bar. It can be really frustrating when someone wants your service or product, but can’t find contact info, in case they have question before making the purchase.

Bonus Tip: If you have your picture on your site or blog, make sure you are not wearing your pajama or some other kinky wear – unless you sell pajamas or kinky wear :)– and make sure your picture is not blurry… Either have a professional picture of you on your site (especially if you promote professional services, such as consulting, public speaking, etc.) or a picture taken of you in action (during delivering a speech, for example)… If you use a “home-made” photo, again, make sure that it’s of great quality and SMILE on it, if at all possible.  People do business with people they know, like, and trust. It’s easier to like and trust someone who smiles – it’s just pure science :)

I’m amazed how many businesses of all sizes are out there with websites that do not apply the above pretty simple marketing strategies; yet, they invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to drive traffic to their site (pay-per-click advertising, banner advertising, etc.) and/or spend hours on social media or use other strategies to drive traffic to their sites…

BUT! Did you know that some websites get literally around a million viewers per month, yet they generate no revenue.

How about you? Did you build a website that’s only a brochure, or is it a lead and client generator?

If you got 10,000 or 100,000 visitors  per month, would you capture their contact info? Would you make some sales? Or would most of the visitors navigate away and never see them again…?

Implement the above strategies and build a website that will start capturing your visitors contact info starting today! Once you have a database of prospects, develop a relationship with them by sending them valuable info, as well as offering them some of your services and/or products. Keep your communication with your list/s at about 80% valuable content, and up to 20% self (or affiliate) promotions.

Visit http://www.getMoreClientsAcademy.com and get the 90-days sample marketing plan – it contains a short blurb on what pages your website should contain + a complete “recipe” on how to promote your site and your services.

So… what do you think? Do you find this helpful? Do you think you can implement these strategies on your website? Let me know if you need clarification on any of the above – or if you think I missed any important elements that should be included in a website. Post your questions or comments in the comments section below, or in our Support Forum, at http://www.getMoreClientsAcademy.com/forum – I’ll answer all questions.

In the next post we’ll go over the differences between a landing page and a sales page, and the easiest ways to create each.  Stay tuned…


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