7 Marketing Lessons from Barack Obama

There’s a great marketing lesson we can learn from Barack Obama.  He came out basically from nowhere – most of us never heard of him – yet he managed to sell himself to most of us and got elected to the highest public office on the planet.

How did he do that?

  1. He used his great communication skills, combined with enthusiasm and passion, delivering his message in a very believable way
  2. He displayed great spirit of the moment and inteligence, by keeping his calm and giving inteligent answers to his oponents (Hilarry Clinton and John McKain – or to the press, etc.) — today as president he still continues to show back bone by admitting when he “screws up” and moving on to rectify his mistakes
  3. He clearly articulated a plan that would get the country in better shape (even though some people disagreed with the feasability of his plan) — today as president he shows flexibility (in some areas) to modify his plans as needed.  He is also brave and humble enough to surround himself with veterans in the political arena and ask for their imput.
  4. Projected great image – always very elegant and carried himself like he was already the leader of the free world
  5. He came across as sincere – we believed that he meant what he was saying
  6. He was persistent during the debates yet always pleasant and upbeat
  7. He did not let the perception – and the massive criticism – that he lacked proper qualifiquations stop him

Now read again through the above 7 “lessons” and see how you can apply them in your business?  How can you apply them to sell yourself, your product, or your service more effectively…? 

How about point #7 ?  Do you at times undersell yourself or all together stop approaching high-caliber prospects out of fear of not being perceived as qualified to do a good job?  What can you do to improve your credibility?  READ THE POST “7 Ways to Improve Your Credibility” (Febr 16)

Remember, don’t just watch great minds accomplish success – learn from them! And do realize that ultimately you determine the hight of success you’ll accomplish…

E.G. Sebastian
Author, Speaker, Coach