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Let me show you the Client-Attraction & Marketing Strategies that I’ve used
in the past 10+ years that helped me build a striving Coaching & Speaking business

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Is that a good deal… or is it a super-duper good deal?
I’d say, that’s a crazy good deal 🙂

If you knew that you could get 5 or 10 paying clients at your full fee, would you Commit to 100-Days to help you accomplish this? And what if during these 100-days you’d get support in several areas:

  • put in place business-growth puzzle pieces crucial to your business’ success
  • access mindmaps & checklists to help you see clearly your next steps
  • develop habits that will transform you into a bu$y coach – busy with coaching paying clients

Now…, don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting that learning to get hired by a New Client Every Week will be like a walk in the park; but if you are willing to do the work, getting hired by a new client every week is easily within your reach, RIGHT NOW…! All you need is… Well…, you need to start doing the right things, the Right Way (!)

Lost Coaches, Speakers, Consultants, and Authors are Often Struggling – and Often Fail in the Long Run – Due to Lack of Good Business-Growth Related Information! As a Result they Follow Outdated & Unproductive Marketing Activities, and Clients Just Fail to Hire Them…

If you are anything like I used to be in my first year of coaching (2013), you probably tried giving away complimentary sessions till your nose bled, yet either few or no clients hired you… perhaps even tried webinars… networking… social media… FaceBook ads… newsletters… law of attraction… referral strategies… but it seems like nothing is working?

Tactical vs. Strategic Marketing

Fact is, all the above are all “just” Tactical Strategies. ANYONE CAN IMPLEMENT THEM. BUT, if you don’t implement your marketing strategies the correct way, AND AT THE CORRECT TIME… Yep, Timing matters too – Sorry 🙁 – then you are just wasting your precious time and you end up frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged… and soon you find yourself looking for a J.O.B. (ouch!)

Let’s face it, we both know that you have an Excellent Service that CAN make a difference in people’s livesThere are 1000s and 1000s of people out there, right now, who need your service now and are struggling because they Or they get help from someone else who is more visible…

So What’s the Solution?

Simple! You are already great at delivering your service –
Now Learn How to Share Your Message with the World
And Start Attracting Clients Like a Highly In-Demand Professional!

Let me Show You Step by Step How to Attract at Least 1 Client a Week…
When you Join the 100-Days Client-Attraction & Marketing Challenge,
Here’s What You’ll Get:

Direct Attention (2)

  • You’ll learn how to prosper Even If you did NOT pick a Niche and don’t plan to pick one any soon
  • Get some help to Clearly Identify Your Ideal Client
  • Discover tested and proven ways to Get Your Message in Front of 1000s and 1000s of Your Ideal Clients
  • Learn How to Create a SIMPLE Marketing Plan that generates results
  • Learn to identify Which Marketing Strategies are Most Effective and don’t get lost in spinning around and around with no results to show
  • Discover Which Marketing Strategies are a Best Match for Your Needs, Personality Style, Budget, etc.
  • You will get Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Implement Each Marketing Strategy in a way that it WILL produce results – I’ll share with you cheat-sheets, video tutorials, infographics, mindmaps… All you have to do is just IMPLEMENT, Implement, Implement… then come back and give me a super cool testimonial (and send me a bottle of red wine)

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Do You Have What it Takes to Grow a Successful Business?

Get More Clients - Assessment

Let’s Find Out Your Client-Attraction MOJO
Let’s Assess at What Business-Development Level is Your Coaching Business…
What is it that you already have in place, and What Else do we need to work on…


Ass soon as you sign up for the 100-Days Client-Attraction Challenge, you’ll get access to Part 1 of ourMissing Puzzles – Diagnostic Self-Assessment,” that will help you determine which Business-Success Foundation Elements you already have in place, and which ones you need to still set up or adjust.

Then once you are ready for it – once I help you put in place the basics – you’ll complete the 2nd Part of the Diagnostic-Assessment, to help you identify Which Client-Attraction Elements your business has in place and what elements you still need to consider adopting as part of your business-growth journey.

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Learn how to Schedule Your Days and Plan Your Marketing Activities to become more effective at Attracting More Clients & Eliminating Overwhelm…

Learn How to Develop a Solid Marketing Plan AND Marketing Schedule

Step-by-Step Strategies to help you grow a List of Loyal Followers… and find out How to Convert Your Followers into Paying Clients

Find out How You Can Have Google Rank Your Website On Page 1, for the keyword/s that your ideal clients search for

Get ONGOING SUPPORT and be HELD ACCOUNTABLE to ensure that you Stay the Course of the 100-Days Challenge

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7 More Reasons to Join:

  1. Get a free copy of The Missing Puzzle Pieces Assessment, designed to help you see clearly the Strengths that support you and the Challenges that hold you back from creating a Profitable Coaching Business
  2. Get your own Profile Page on www.myCoachingCenter.com, where our mission is to Help Coaches Connect with Clients (This landing page – the one you are reading now – will be replaced with the Home-Page of myCoachingCenter.com – you can be one of the first members and get your profile up at no cost [subject to approval], as well as get help on maximizing your Profile Page to attract more clients)
  3. Get a Pdf. copy of E.G. Sebastian’s soon-to-be-published book “Get More Clients by Next Week – 51 Proven Marketing Strategies for Coaches & Consultants

Get More Clients by Next Week - 51 Proven Marketing Strategies for Coaches and Consultants

  • 90-Days to a Profitable Coaching Business Blueprint, with Step-by-Step guidance, broken down into 12-Modules/Weeks – each module giving you tips on what you should be working on during each specific week…

    90-Days to a Successful Coaching Business Blueprint, by E.G. Sebastian

  • Monthly Support and Q&A Webinars – up to 2-Hours in length, where you can get answers to all of your Client-Attraction, Lead-Generation, Marketing, and Coaching Business-Building questions
  • Access to the 100-Days Challenge Weekly Client-Attraction Training Videos for the next 99 Years
  • Become a Part of a Coaches’ Community – dedicated 100% to your success – and Partner up with (an) Accountability Partner to support each other on this “short” 100-Days Client-Attraction journey (and beyond, if you choose so)

I Hope You See The Value in This 100-Days Client-Attraction Challenge…

And if you do, Join Us Today, and Let The Journey Begin!

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