10 Tips to Creating a Business Card that Attracts Prospects and Clients

By E.G. Sebastian

Let’s explore today something simple, yet a great prospect attraction strategy. It is something that you can take action on today and start seeing results in days from now. If you use this tool right, it is up to your “conversion strategy” on how many of the prospects you attract will convert into paying clients.

I’m sure by now you have a business card (and if you don’t, that’s good for you, at least you can start with a great business card right from the start); however, is your business card a piece of paper with your name and other business info on it, or is it also a Client Magnet?

Here are some tips to creating great Client-Attraction Business Cards:

  1. Do NOT print your own business card, unless you are a pro
  2. Your business card is often a reflection of your professionalism – make sure it screams “I’m a professional”
  3. Print your business card on a harder stock (not soft paper stock), and choose the semi-gloss option (or gloss)
  4. Use a slogan on the top left, top right, or under your name that is niche-related, such as “Your Conflict-Buster Coach”; “Stress no more!”; “Life-Balance is Only a Call Away…”
  5. People do business with people they know, like, and trust… To accomplish part of this, make sure to put a picture on your business card. Having a picture on your business card accomplishes several things, one of the most important being that people will remember you easier even months after you met
  6. Design the card in a way that your niche shows more prominently than your name. You want the prospects eyes to see your niche first, which ideally will start the discussion in the right direction (as opposed to having your name out prominently and your niche somewhere in small print – they’ll look for your name on the card anyway, but not necessarily for additional information)
  7. Don’t use a PO Box as your address (on your card or on your website!). If possible, use instead a UPS store box address. Personally I do not feel comfortable sharing with the world where I live, so I use a “fancy” address, such as “330 Robert Smalls Parkway, Suite 24” – sounds like I’m renting a cool office, when in fact I’m only renting a $49/6-months box at the UPS store. (By the way, the law says that you need to have your physical address on your website – the UPS store address is an acceptable alternative).
  8. Make sure your email address and phone # are on your business card; and if you have an 800 number, put that there too, it makes you look more like a real business.
    (get an 800# at no cost at http://www.powernetglobal.com/business/voice/tollfree.php – I’ve been using them since ’04; they only charge for the minutes
    used – my bill has never been higher than $20 and most often it’s under $10)
  9. DO NOT LEAVE UNUSED “REAL ESTATE” ON YOUR CARD!!! That is, don’t leave the back of the card blank! In fact, when used properly, the back of your card can be one of your most effective prospect attraction “tool.” Put your irresistible offer on the back of your card. “Put Some Magic in Your Relationships! Go to www.CommunicationSkillsMagic.com to download the first chapters of my book!”l “Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed? Go to www.MyIrresistibleOffer.com to get your 7-Day Transformation eCourse” MAKE YOUR OFFER IRRESISTABLE!!! When your ideal client sees that offer, they should light up and say (or think) “This is exactly what I need!”
  10. Capitalize the first letter of each word in your domain names whenever you put them on stationery or in your web copy. For example, www.YourSuccessChecklists.com, www.CommunicationSkillsMagic.com – it is much easier to read and it stands out more.

Here are some pics of my coaching and speaking business cards (and, yes, I do carry two sets of cards with me and give out whichever is appropriate, depending on whether I hope to get a coaching client or a speaking gig out of my networking effort):