Coaching Success Strategies: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Your Expert Status

Coaching Success Strategies: 10 Ways to Build Your Expert Status

Some “professionals” maintain that you do not have to be an expert in a topic in order to build a successful coaching (or speaker) practice. While this might be partially true, fact is that most people will hire coaches, consultants, speakers, and other solo-professionals who are perceived as authorities or experts in their field. Just think about it, would you spend $500+ per month to get help becoming
a highly paid speaker to a coach who never spoke; or $1000+ per month to learn how to market your business to a consultant that you do not perceive as an expert in his/her field…?It takes a little time and some dedication to build an expert status, but the pay-off is well worth the time invested in it.

Here are 10 coaching success strategies that will help you develop your expert status:

1. Consistently publish articles online

Primarily post your articles on your own website – this helps not only being perceived as an expert, but also has tremendous SEO benefits!  

There are also many other article-submission sites where you can publish; however, be careful not to waste your time submitting your article to too many sites. and are the two most popular sites with most views. Putting your article on more sites, does not raise your link popularity as it used to in the past [it used to be that the more links went to your site, the higher you were ranked; however, google now sees it that the links come from the same article published multiple times and it will only count it as one link]

2.  Consistently (try to) publish articles offline in niched magazines, newsletters, newspaper, etc.

This is not so easy, but if you can pull this off, this is a great credibility adding factor.  Visit your niche-related magazines and publications’ websites and see what are their article submission guidelines (some publications accept more submissions for their online publication).  Also, contact your local papers and find out if they want to do a story on you… or allow you to publish your article…With a little luck – and good positioning – you might even end up with getting to publish a weekly column…

3. Consistently try to get the media to write or talk about you 

There are some great books out there that can help you with that, such as “How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office,” by Joe Sabath; “Guerrilla Publicity,” by Jay Conrad Levinson and Jill Lublin; or “On the Air,” by Al Parinello… And the easiest way to get some visibility is to get on shows (I recently was interviewed by Best People We Know – a show with 12,000+ audience members and ended up with a few book sales and dozens of opt-ins to some of my free offers, which ultimately can convert into coaching client).  Simply type in the BlogTalkRadio search engine the keyword that you want to speak on, and you’ll find hundreds of shows that are looking for guests in your area of interest/niche.

 3. Consistently upload videos to and and any other of your favorite video sites you might have.  Always place your site’s (or landing page) url as the  first thing in your video description – e.g. + video description.

4. Start a blog on your niche topic and consistently post valuable info, including industry reports, and other niche-related valuable info

5. Become a guest-author on other’s blogs! 

The blogs that you post to should meet at least these 2 criteria:

  1. the blog should target your niche (your ideal clients); that is, most of the readers should be individuals who you’d love to have as clients; for example, if you are a small business coach, you’d want to post to blogs  that are read by small-business owners
  2. the blog should have high traffic – insert the blog url on Google’s FREE Page Rank Checker Tool (PR Checker) site – (the higher the PR value, the more popular the blog is) or to– to get an estimate on the blog’s popularity; the number of comments is another easy way to determine if a blog has a decent traffic (no comments, usually = no traffic)

Posting blog posts to other’s blogs, NOT only increases your perception as an expert in your niche, but it also provides backlinks to your site/blog, increasing your ranking in the search engines (see PR checker tool mentioned above to check your site’s/blog’s popularity).  More back-links to your site from higher PR blogs = higher ranking in search engines.

6. Write a book! 

And to help you with that, start by writing your blog posts with the end in mind… Then later, transform your blog posts – and your articles – into the chapters of your book.

The BOOK is the piece of the puzzle that propels most speakers and coaches’ careers (as soon as my book – Communication Skills Magic – was out, I started getting countless more speaking gigs and more coaching clients, at fees that I was rarely able to commend in the past).You can also get interviewed on your niche topic, then have someone transcribe your interview (I know someone who transcribes 1-hour of spoken material for $30.00); then with a little editing transform that transcript into your book (contact me for publishing options before you invest thousands of dollars with some fancy publishing company).Make sure you structure the interview as you’d lay out your book — create a table of contents for your book and base your interview questions on that (you’ll submit the questions to your interviewer)

7. Align yourself with other authorities and experts in your field

Interview them (set up a radio show on and have a weekly or bi-weekly show), co-present workshops/teleclasses/webinars, co-create products, co-author books and articles… get creative and get hooked – that is, hook up with other great minds in your niche…

This is one of the most powerful strategies, called “Becoming an Expert by Association” or “Borrowing Expert Status” — as your followers see you hanging out with these experts all the time, they start associating you with them and in their mind you start being seen more and more as an expert… And let’s face it, if you do hang out with these thought leaders so much, it’ll really only be a matter of time before their wisdom starts rubbing off on you. Well…, that is, if you need it, as many already are true experts in their fields – all is missing is the Perception of being seen as an expert… and unfortunately it’s true: Perception IS Everything!

8. Use social media to increase your visibility

Use Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram and whichever social media works best for you  to increase your visibility and attract followers.  Visit to get access to detailed Step-by-Step video tutorials, checklist, cheat-sheets, mindmaps and more, to help you implement the most effective social media strategies to grow your business.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy - FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

9. Put on webinars/teleclasses and invite your ideal client to attend

Webinars (or teleclasses) are one of the most effective way to get your ideal client to get to know, like and trust you.  Provide lots of valuable information in your sessions – information that they can use immediately, but DO provide also a cool “formula” that would definitely solve their problem or bring their desire to fruition… Share the WHAT TO DO to accomplish their “wants,” but have them sign up for your group coaching, or hire you as a coach to get the HOW TO DO IT part of the information. Or… describe the coaching process that you use in your sessions and share some success stories…  Remember, webinars get you face to face with your ideal client and it’s been proven to be one of the most highly converting ways to getting new clients; so do include it in your marketing arsenal…

10. Become a Workshop Presenter or Keynote Speaker

Public Speaking is one of the most effective ways to become seen as an authority in your niche (#1 way according to many)…  You know your subject, you are passionate about it – so share it with the world. Start by volunteering at local non-profit organizations and at local business events.  (Contact me if you want to take your speaking to a pro level and earn an insane income with it, as well as attract clients like honey attracts flies… or is it bees!? 🙂 )

If you follow the above tips, it will be only a matter of time before you’ll be viewed as an expert in your field. You want to get to the point where the prospect enters your name in the search engine and they get pages and pages of your articles, videos, program descriptions, etc. letting them know that when they hire you to coach them or to speak at their next event you will deliver value.

As Lao Tsu  said “The thousand steps journey starts with a single step…” Start your journey towards becoming an expert in your field today. Write a short article or make a short video… and commit to following all of the above points. And once you accomplish that, send me a thank you note :}

Meanwhile please post your comments or questions below – all questions will be answered!

E.G. Sebastian specializes primarily in helping coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and service-business owners put in place all the elements needed to business success, with a focus on helping his clients gain  massive visibility for their business and convert that visibility into paying clients. He is a veteran entrepreneur of 20+ years, and  the founder of and an international speaker (speaks 6 languages).  Click HERE to contact him and ask him a Marketing or Business-Growth related question!

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