#1 Non-salesy way to sell

Sell Only to Prospects that are Pre-Qualified

Sell Only to Prospects that are Pre-Qualified

I just picked up Jaques Werth and Nicholas E. Ruben’s book High Probability Selling…

If you are in any way involved in the sales process, this is a must have book.

One of the main elements that are stressed in the book is 1. to qualify our prospects and 2. do not waste time trying to sell to those who do not need our product, can’t afford our product, or those who can afford it and need it but are using a competitor product…  3. focus all energy to selling to those who need our products or services.

How do we do that?  Pretty easy.  Through your website, free offers, articles, etc. you provide specific solutions to the target market whose problems you can solve (or whose needs you can fulfil) – this way you attract your “ideal clients.”  When meeting face to face, find out what are the other person’s needs: do they have $$$s in their budget to “fix” their need, and find out if they’d ever brought in outside help (if you provide a service) or would they consider bringing in help from outside (that is you). 

If you sell a product that they need ask them if they’d like to receive an information package of what you have…

High Prob. Selling is all about being non-agressive, non-pushy, and is totally against traditional sales tactics where you persuade the other person to buy regardles whether they need your product or service or not.

Key: network, network, network – both face-to-face and through social media – and attract your ideal clients through specific offers on your site; and through straight, non-agressive, approach when dealing with someone face to face.

Check out the book on amazon.com, you can probably get one for a few bucks – it’s worth the investment (even if you pay full price).

Here’s the link to their site: http://www.highprobsell.com/  Here you can download for free the first chapter of the book, as well as you can join their chat forum (years ago I used to be a member in the forum and we had some great, great discussions… and some heated debates on what works, what doesn’t, what’s ethical and what are considered pressure techniques, etc. — check it out – it’s a great forum.

Do you have any experiene with High Probablility Selling?  Or are you following one of the old schools and you swear that they are more effective than High Prob Selling…  Post your experiences in the comments section!