Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay (September 17)

Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay (September 17)

Hi there, welcome back¬†ūüôā

Here is the¬†Recording of this week’s support webinar…

¬†*** –¬†During the call I mentioned — UNFORTUNATELY that service was purchased by a larger company and they DO NOT have the cool deals they used to have in the past; nor are they as user friendly as they used to be¬†(just did some research after the call and was disappointed – alongside 1000s of other fans ¬†– to see this cool service fade away)¬†

If you have any questions related to what was covered during the session
– or any marketing or business-building questions –
Post those questions (or comments) at the bottom of this page…


*** – Occasionally, if¬†you are lucky, you are the only one on the call – as it happened during this session – and have a chance to get a full-hour of 0ne-on-one coaching. Will you be next? ūüôā

Here’s some of what we covered in this session:

0:12 – The Right Info + Applying it the Right Way is what will bring success to your business — Ask your questions and get the support you need…

1:55 – The Secret to Your Business’ Success

2:50 – The 2 Basic Fundamentals to Your Business’ Success

5:01 – Your Business Growth Pyramid

5:55 – Implement the Fundamental Principles – Reminder of where to find the Video Tutorials you need to implement

7:04 – Supporting member to get Speaking Gigs (Training Workshops in Public Speaking, Productivity, Team-Building, etc.)

8:25 — How to sell your Speaking OR Coaching through Professional Associations

11:25 — How to target organizations to speak for

13:00 — How to use your phone to Get Speaking Gigs

15:07 — How to use postcards (and other marketing materials) to help you Get Noticed

16:05 — Have a POWERFUL CALL TO ACTION to help you connect (and start a relationship) with your prospect

17:30 — How to Get Speaking Gigs by visiting in person (same would apply to selling coaching services to corporate clients)

20:40 — More Ideas on How to Create Marketing Materials that Will Get You Noticed and “force” prospects to connect with you (How to Develop TOMA: “Top of the Mind Awareness”

26:16 — Create a “Hall of Fame Gallery” and why you should have one

30:35 – The Key to Your Business’ Success: Discipline…. and what type of discipline will take you there…


33:00 – DON’T HESITATE – Take Action! Implement, Implement, Implement…!

33:35 – The Importance of Your Irresistible Offer / Give-Away / Freebie; and How it will get you new business

34:40 – Your #1 Productivity Tool: (if you want me to see what you are doing and want feedback, let me know and I’ll set it up for you)

36:07 – Short discussion on Publishing Your 1st (or next) Book and WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT!

37:13 – Where can you get great Royalty Free Graphics for your PowerPoint slides and for your marketing materials ( , , , etc.)

39:20 – Where to get Stunning PowerPoint templates AND graphics for your PowerPoint slides


****¬† can help you keep track and manage your goals,¬†sub-goals, tasks, etc;¬†and where you can see clearly what you are working on… as well as feel a sense of accomplishment when you start seeing more and more tasks in the DONE column.

You can drag the tasks to prioritize them; as well as you can move them from ‘To Do” into “Doing”… then once completed, drag them into Done – this way you get an easy way to track your projects AND a great sense of accomplishment when you see the “Done” column grow…

Click on any task/goal and you’ll be able to create Checklists, add notes, etc. (when you click on the goal, you’ll see the list of commands on the right side).

It’s really intuitive and a great, great help. And if you ever decide to hire a business or marketing coach, he or she’ll be able to see what you’ve done, what you’ve planned and can help you more effectively.

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