Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay (September 3)

Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay (September 3)

Hi there, welcome back 🙂

Here is the Recording of this week’s support webinar…


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*** – Occasionally, if you are lucky, you are the only one on the call – as it happened during this session – and have a chance to get a full-hour of 0ne-on-one coaching. Will you be next? 🙂

Here’s some of what we covered in this session:

Minute 00:12 – Create a checklist that you’ll use before every webinar (to ensure that your attendees can hear you, you are recording the session, etc.

Min.  2:10 – Reminder that you are an affiliate and will earn 50% affiliate income for all your referrals

2:57 – Plan to implement video strategies – Have a YouTube – How to create videos even if you don’t have  a video camera; and even if you don’t want to record yourself talking…

5:26 – All members in good standing will receive access to my new How to Market Your Business with Your FaceBook Fan Page 6-Part Video Training

6:25 – Catching up with our veteran member (uses a small team to build her business… conversation on what she uses to attract clients)

16:40 – Why you should record all your live events, and how to use those recordings to get more Highly Paid Speaking Gigs

18:37 – Why you should Use a Multi-Part eCourse (or multi-part give-away), VS giving away an eBook or any one-time recording

20:50 – How to “force” your eCourse recipient stay engaged and interested

23:00 – How to set your eCourse delivery & your relationship-development with your ideal clients on Auto-Pilot

24:40 – Discussion on How to Collect Payments Online

28:50 – How to set up an Online Meeting Scheduler (people can set appointments to meet you, and they can do so online – very useful to put your free sessions on autopilot and for all your other scheduling needs)

31:15 – Discussion on How to Create an eCourse (in the shortest time)

30:20 – Text-based newsletter or eCourse VS html-based

31:30 – Examples of Sequential Autoresponders (autoresponder online service that will allow you to deliver your newsletter or eCourse on autopilot)

40:43 – Set MINI-GOALS in order to progress more easily – listen in to find out how…

42:28 – How to Record Videos that Your Ideal Clients will Love to Watch and what TECHNOLOGY to Use


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