Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay (Aug.20)

Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay (Aug.20)

Hi there, welcome back¬†ūüôā

Here is the¬†Recording of this week’s support webinar…

*** During this session we covered one main topic:
How to Attract Clients & Generate an Income with Workshops & Live Events


If you have any questions related to what was covered during the session
– or any marketing or business-building questions –
Post those questions (or comments) at the bottom of this page…


Here’s some of what we covered in this session:

> Minute 0:15 – How to Set Up an Event (or a Workshop) and How to Market it

> > 2:10 – The Inside Reality & Outside Perception of Our Business

> 3:34 – STEPS to start attracting clients to your coaching or speaking business

> 5:24 – The Importance of VISIBILITY

> 6:16 – (Feedback on) How to Promote Your Upcoming Workshop (How to Create a Powerful One-Sheet/Flyer/and other marketing material)

>> 17:45 – Sell Your Workshop Before You Create It (!)

>> 24:49 – Connect with other members and form accountability partnerships

> 25:16 – The Importance of HEADLINES/ELEVATOR PITCH/ Your Leading Message whenever you speak to someone… or you create any communication (blog post, article, video, etc.)

> 31:10 – How to Help Dysfunctional Teams (with your workshops and/OR coaching) [sorry Sheena – my passion came across rudely and interrupted you ūüôā ]

> 35:50 – Organization’s (AND Individuals’) Need for Public Speaking Training

> 36:42 – How to Promote Your Workshops (or coaching) to organizations / How to GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR with an Introductory Offer

> 37:00 – Become Visible & CONNECT with Local Businesses by Delivering FREE WORKSHOP

> 38:00 – Barter Your Workshops (or Coaching) for Other Benefits

> 40:00 – Attend Networking & Other Community Events and get exposure, connect with potential clients…

> 43:18 – Allow yourself to be “human”/vulnerable when you speak to a group – it’ll help you connect with your audience

> 46:53 – Creating a Powerful Headline & Sub-headline for your offer (!!!)

> 49:10 – Hypnotic Selling

> 50:23 – Stop Recreating (and Creating) New Stuff! Capitalize on what you already have…

> 51:40 – Sell One Program to Many Different Audiences

> 52:00 – Invest in professionally designed programs (contact me if you need help)

> 54:52 – POLISH YOUR MAIN MESSAGE on your Website (and other marketing material) – It All Starts with Your Elevator Pitch (or a powerful headline)

> 56:00 – The Pain/Solution Model – How to Grab the Attention of Your Ideal Client (listen to the previous 5 to 10 minutes as well)

> 57:00 – Show your potential client that you understand their pain (or desire)


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