Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay(4)

Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay(4)

Hi there, welcome back¬†ūüôā

Here is the¬†Recording of this week’s support webinar…

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Here’s what we covered in this session:

> Minute 0:31 – Checking the “pulse” of your Business –¬†What Stage Are You in Your Business…? What are you working on…? Do you feel stuck…? ¬†Doubts…?¬†How to get help.

> 2:25 – What foundation pieces do you still need to put in place – Are you ready to attract clients?

> 2:50 –¬†Reminder!¬†Each of you are affiliates in myClientAttractionAcademy, with 50% refereal fee for as long as your referral remains a member ¬†– Log in to your members area, then CLICK HERE! (listen in here to Learn How to Access Your Affiliate Resources and see how this can benefit you)

> 5:09 – ¬†It is You who determines the level of success (!) – coaching, group coaching, membership site, author, speaker…

> 10:30¬†– Supporting¬†member on next steps in her coaching business + ¬†discussing shifting niche (short blurb¬†on Niche and how to pick one that will get you clients more easily)…

> 14:31 – How to get clients with “Assessments”¬†(put together a questionaire that’s relevant to your target market and that’s helping your prospect see what areas they need help/coaching)

> 18:32¬†How to GET MORE CLIENTS Even if You Don’t Have a Clear Niche!¬†(How to create “campaigns” that will attract clients who need your coaching AND who can afford you)

> ¬†19:54 – Your¬†Step by Step Training¬†in the members area on¬†How to Implement Your Business’ Foundation Elements –¬†the elements that will truly determine the success of your business

> 21:43 – Supporting member with goals: headlines, niche,

>¬†24: 23 –¬†Selling Coaching Services Online vs. Offline¬†

> 25:00 – Selling Life-Coaching Services vs. Selling Niched Coaching Services

>¬†28:09 –¬†Put these Elements in Place to Sell Your Services More Effectively Locally & Nationally (AND Internationally)

> 29:50 РGet Clients Effortlessly by Providing 30-Days Money-back-Guarantee (!)

> 31:40 РHelping member with  Elevator Pitch

> 36:00 –¬†How E.G. got his 1st business-coaching client, PLUS a¬†Great Example of BEST CLIENT for a Life-Coach – Can Afford You, knows what she wants, and just wants to be held accountable…

> 38:43 – More on Elevator Pitch Creation… The Short Elevator Pitch and the 1-min. Elevator Pitch

> 41:14 –¬†How to Write an Elevator Pitch so it Flows Naturally When You Say it

> 43:00 – The Bigamist Coach ūüôā – Serving two (Related) Niches – CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS

> 46:00 – FREE Session vs. Meeting to Talk About Your Services
When you meet people who are ready to get coached DO NOT NEED a Free session (actually, a free session with these people can lose the client)

> 48:48 –¬†Know Your Numbers!¬†Know how many clients do you get out of 100 FREE Sessions (if you get zero clients, you are either targeting the wrong people, or you need to change your free session process)

> 49:06 – Who Should You Give FREE Sessions to – and Who You Should NOT!

> 52:33 – Your Headline, Free Offer (opt-in give-away, freebie, etc.), your Webinars – Everything flows from your Elevator Pitch

> 53:20 –¬†How to Save Time in Creating Your Newsletter, eCourses, Blog Posts, etc. – Use Private Label Rights Articles (PLR) –¬†Cost: $2.00 to $50.00 (has all bells and whisles) – average cost, around $7.00 per a dozen articles… at times dozens of articles.

> 53:00 – Autoresponder blurb –¬†Contact E.G. if you need help with picking an autoresponder¬†(Hint: aWeber is the best; Constant-Contact is pretty good – it’s a tad more complicated than aWeber and has fewer marketing functions than aWeber. Contact E.G. before picking an autoresponder.)

> 55:50 –¬†How to Find Any Topic in the Members Area, in¬†(try different terms: for example, elevator pitch, usp, unique selling proposition; or leads, prospects, clients; etc.)

> 57:53 –¬†How to Convert Your Home Page into a Client-Attraction Tool¬†

> 58:26 – How to Create an Opt-in Offer when you want to serve 2 Niches


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