Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay(3)

Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay(3)

Hi there, welcome back¬†ūüôā

Here is the¬†Recording of this week’s support webinar…

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Here’s what we covered in this session:

> Introducing new member

> Minute 1:16 – short discussion on Niche

> 2:45 – refresher on the Elements of a Successful Coaching Business

> 2:57 Рa little blurb on Elevator Pitch, its importance, and other uses of (elements of) your elevator pitch

> 5:10 – tips on adwords & FaceBook advertising (and any type of advertising in general)

> 6:50 ¬†–¬†The Easiest, Most Effective, Low-Tech, Instantly Applicable Client-Attraction Strategy¬†(generate leads with this strategy by next week… and potentially have a new client by next week or in a few weeks)

> 8:35 РCreate a Business-Card that will attract leads & clients + Elements of a Client-Attracting Business Card

> 16:25 РResource to get Low Cost Business-Cards

> 16:52 РSet Goals for Your Networking Event (types of goals)

>¬†24:50 –¬†Identify Places where Your Ideal Clients Hang Out and Get Out There – Connect with Them…

> 29:03 – Marketing/Promoting your Coaching Business Nationally & Internationally –¬†importance of generating visibility, credibility, & trust

> 30:00 – “Math Exercise” on¬†Decision & Taking Action

> 31:46 – Take Action! Plan to Attend Networking Events

> 32:07 – Plan¬†Conversation Starters¬†that you’ll use during networking events

> 36:10 – Don’t waste time on people who don’t need your services – identify your ideal clients & connect with them

> 37:48 РHave 2 Elevator Pitches ready + How to Create a Short Elevator Pitch and Your 30-seconds to 1-minute Elevator Pitch

> 41:35 – Take Action! Schedule Meetings & Generate Leads by Next Week!

> 43:43 –¬†How to Generate Referral Business

> 44:37 РThe Reason why you are NOT converting your leads (or Free session) into Paying Clients (!)

> 45:05 –¬†Become¬†Crystal¬†Clear on Where Are you Stuck (!), AND get help¬†(Contact E.G.once you know where you are “stuck” – what do you need help with today… this week..!)

> 56:27 –¬†How much should you charge for your coaching services? ¬†& How much should you charge at the beginning of your coaching¬†career?¬†

>>> Barter your coaching services, if the other person has what you need

> 29:26 РThe importance of Testimonials & How to get them

> 1:03:10 – How to jump-start your Client-Attraction efforts online

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